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Guessing this might be a long shot due to inactivity, but I've been wanting to find some art for my Sith Caamasi character for a Sith RP group that I'm in. I'm looking for a style that reflects the Sithiness of the character - not necessarily edgy, but not cutesy either. I'll provide a fair amount of detail on his looks and equipment; it would be awesome if y'all could take all of it into account, but if you can't necessarily use all of it, I get that too.

Starting a new campaign (the concept was taken from the Order 66 Podacast) and I am look for a piece to show the party's patron.

Perhaps it's easiest if I give the flavour text of the campaign:

The Empire's grip on the galaxy is harsh. Enslavement, torture and brutality have become commonplace as the Emperor increases his power.

I find myself in need of a visual representation of a baddie that would add a significant amount of immersion to the game I'm running.

Vachat One of Many is an ancient Sith Lord from a bipedal armadilloid species, and carries (or drags, a la Pyramid Head) a massive alchemically altered bone daiklave that is said to be able to completely extinguish the life energy of those it fells.

I can't go into too much detail on the forums, given that my players browse SWAG, but i'll describe what i can.


I'd like to make a request for a character portrait...a Royal Guard TIE Interceptor pilot.

The pilot should be clad In the same crimson and black as the Royal guards. Start with a helmet like the guard helmet .  The same faceless mask in front with the same black eye slit, but without the cowl. It should end just under the chin. He should have a short chest plate from Shoulders to just below the rib cage with the life support box on the chest. Black hoses going from that box to the helmet either under the chin or at the base of the skull


I am developing an Adventure book for Star Wars EDGE OF EMPIRE roleplaying game. I have developed a new species that I would like to get a pirate captain , pirate crew member and A farmer versions of.The pirate wears a purple eye patch over his eye from a wound that was suffered during a bar brawl.The species have the ability to change color of their skin when needed similar to a caminian. They have 2 legs and two hands similar to a human. Their heads have what is similar to the head dress of the twilek's but shorter and more of them. A little back ground on them as a people.

I recently GMed a story arc that involved visions of former Sith Lords and Ladies (Sith Lady sounds like something a kid would say, like 'teacher lady', in retrospect), and I had a perfect picture of one of them in my head that just kinda stuck, but I can't put it down on paper.  Frankly I need to get it out of my head by seeing it on (digital) paper.

It's been just short of a year since I last made a request for a character here but I was just struck by an idea and hopefully one of you wonderful artists out there can help me with it.

I would like to send a christmas card to my friends from my campaign and would like it to feature everyone's favourite bad ass ninja space bunny, Bob, the Kushiban. Who you can see if you follow this link to the wonderful Tusserk's wonderful work.

Here's a characttre I rolled up. She's a Sephi, but skin tone and all really kind of makes her resemble some kind of lightly purplehued tanned elf.. Anyway, she is a force user, but unlike some of them, her saber is a single-bladed design. The blade is variable in length, but so is the handle. It looks like a slightly longer than usual saber handle, but has several settings to its length. One makes it about 1.5 feet in length, the second setting extends it out to about 3 feet long, and the third to about 6 feet in length.

Quick request here.

Looking for a picture, don't care what medium, of a Rebellion-era male Iktotchi Jedi with a scarred eye covered by a leather eypatch. 

For armor he wears a metal chestplate that reads "BB288", it'd be the metal chestplate of the medical nursery droid who saved him from the Coruscant Temple during Order 66.

His lightsaber is a traditional single-blade and blue.

Thanks so much for your time!

I have a character I'm using in a campaign, I thought it would be kind of fun to have a Zeltron Jedi who'd been in cryo-stasis a very long time, that was found by an Arkanian scientist and had lots of damage on a genetic level and when being revived the scientist had to fix her and of course make modifications, because that's what they do. Needless to say they were rather perverse. As it stands she's a tall 5'10" Zeltron, light-colored skin, almost human in tone, with black hair. She's in more or less athletic in build but at the same time voluptuous and gifted as it were.

I would like to request a character presentation of a Trandoshan female slaver and starship captain who is fond of using the heavy rotary blaster cannon (inspired by the Predator movie's GE M134 Minigun (Handheld)).  As a result, she must be athletic.  In addition, I would like her overall look to pull its inspiration from the disciplined Samurais of ancient Japan as opposed to the chaotic neo-feminist space marine of the Aliens movie.  To that end, I would prefer her to portray a stoicism in demeanor tinged with a quiet ferocity, tradition in her choice of wardrobe which should recall to m

Male Red Nikto Hired Gun Heavy

Hi SWAG!  I'm new here.  You guys are the best on the net.

I'm a GM for Edge of the Empire and I could use a picture.  Nothing crazy.  Just a male, Red Nikto mercenary commander, he'll be a major character in our fringer game.

If there's a search feature and I'm not seeing it I do apologize.

Hopefully someone here is interested in helping me out.  I'm joining a new Star Wars d6 game and I'd like to get a female mandalorian character done.  She would be a former Death Watch/Mandalorian Protector gone mercenary.  She makes use of her full Mandalorian armor/helm/jetpack combo, uses dual blaster pistols and has a sabre/dart launcher on her left arm vambrace.  She hasn't modified her armor heavily yet, but intends to do so.  She also makes use of a blaster carbine, similar to Boba Fett.


Need a Portrait of a Zabrak Mercenary Character of mine.

Laid back but stern, usually foul mooded.

Bara was a slave born on Rattatak who was found guilty of killing his master for the death of his father. The Master's illegitimate son hoped releasing the slaves would make the pit fighters (Bara included) want to spare him and indorse his claim to the household. He didn't last the night.

Ralph, aka BX-R41F, is the droid I'm playing and I would love if you guys could draw a representation of his starfighter. He pilots an Ugly, an amalgamation of two different starfighters as his primary craft, when not doing operations as a mercenary. His ship is a combination of the cockpit of an Eta-2 Actis Interceptor, but the wings have been removed, replaced with the large, mufflered engines of the Belbullab-22 starfighter.

How long has it been since I was last here? I dunno, but I'm back with a new request. 

If she could be potrayed in both outfits, sort of like they were two sides of the coin that represents her, that'd be awesome. (Her casual outfit she'd be more laid-back, whereas her combat outfit she'd be in a combat ready stance.)


Name: Allison Zander

Species: Near-Human

Gender: Female


This time I have a request for my friend's character who is also a member of the party aboard the Mos Eisley Shuffle, originally a paying passenger on the run from the Cult of the Revenant, some meddling in the affairs of the captain by my Zeltron errant Jedi knight earned everyone a spot on the crew. She tends to be at odds with him regarding how problems should be approached and an uncomfortably familiar bit shared history. She was briefly the matriarch of the cult on Ziost but left when she began to doubt the accuracy of the cult's teachings.

I'd like to pitch a request for a character portrait in the form of my Edge character. He is a Corellian Human Smuggler around 24. Unlike most Corellian's he is nieve and shy yet still highly talented in his piloting abilities. He has light skin which goes with his auburn (almost red) hair that he keeps at shoulder length, he has the telltale sign of a scar goes over his right eyebrow, but does not intersect the eye. He is moderately good looking, no prince charming but maybe a prince of thieves, lean but not muscular or stocky.

Greetings. I was wondering if anyone would like to take on a request as a surprise for one of my players. The character is a female Chiss politico, someone who likes to talk things out, negotiate, reason. Violence is a last resort, evidenced by her only weapons being a slug thrower pistol and a knife.

Jedi Master Zadis, a Orangutan humanoid (Planet of the Apes), is a stern teacher, think of the martial arts master from Kill Bill, and is very tough on all the padawans his has taught over the many years.  Padawan Karaza, a Minbari, is an eager to learn at his master's feet but thinks that Zadis is overly harsh and never complements him when he successfully completes a task.

Jedi Master Zadis

Species: Humanoid Orangutan (Original Planet of the Apes)

Age: 70's

Hair: White with beard  Eyes: Brown

Height: 1.82m  Weight: 100kg

Fur: Light Brown

Malal is a Human, born to the planet Dromund Kaas. His father was a Sith warrior who took part in the Sacking of Coruscant and his mother was a soldier for the Republic who was captured, taken prisoner and then sold into slavery, and bought by his father to torture. He was sent to Korriban in his early teens to train as an Acolyte under the Overseers there. After many trials, Malal was taken by Dark Lady of the Sith, Istorika, a Sith historian and seer.

Hi, I'm currently gamemastering a SWD6 RPG (podcasting it as well!) but sadly I'm not an artist and while i'm semi-decent at verbal descriptions, I'm poor at putting my visions to paper.

In a few weeks my campaign will be visiting the Silactria IV, home of the native Igatic. I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to take on designing this species beyond what I've got already.


Hey there! Long time lurker here. (Like, really long. Years.) I've always loved the art here.

Anyways, I've recently started a new Edge of the Empire campaign. It's going great so far. So great that I thought it might be nice to surprise my players with an image of their characters.

The crew of the Maroon Mynock, a YKL-37R Nova Courier, are a diverse group. All non-human, they have been blackmailed by the Empire into helping them infiltrate a Crime Syndicate. (That may have Rebel ties.) The Campaign begins roughly three weeks after the Battle of Yavin.

To my beloved reader,

I need an image of a type of spacemonkey I'm using in my current game. I'll be brief, as the topic is relatively limited. That's not to say that the work someone would put into it is by any means simple, but that the subject matter is very finite.

That said, I've given my players a general description of this spacemonkey, but I myself can't seem to work out how it looks. I've done a few sketches, but can't get it to jive.

And here is my third character request, a part of the same party as our Kiffar Jedi Padawan and Zeltron Jedi Knight Errant. As before I've separated the description in a simple easy-to-reference list of bullet points, and a much longer and wordier description for those of you interested in the finer details. This time around I have something a bit different. In addition to the below character's description, I've included something of an alternate appearance-her Mandalorian armor. Be warned that I was at a loss for how to describe her Mandalorian armor without just... dense verbosity.

Hey again everyone! I've been given the go-ahead to post a few character requests at once, so I'm going to go ahead and do just that. In keeping with my first request I've included a handy, brief short-description and a longer, wordier description packed with more details. Don't feel the need to hold yourself to the longer description if you don't want to, and honestly if you can't be bothered to read the longer description than don't pressure yourself to!