Sephi Force User [Aenid31]

Here's a characttre I rolled up. She's a Sephi, but skin tone and all really kind of makes her resemble some kind of lightly purplehued tanned elf.. Anyway, she is a force user, but unlike some of them, her saber is a single-bladed design. The blade is variable in length, but so is the handle. It looks like a slightly longer than usual saber handle, but has several settings to its length. One makes it about 1.5 feet in length, the second setting extends it out to about 3 feet long, and the third to about 6 feet in length. She'll usually fight with it while switching the blade on and off and extending or shrinking the saber as needed. Also if it helps,t he saber is made of a lightsaber resistant alloy, Probably Phryk and has some brass-colored trim pieces on it.



        Here's a rather unique specimen as it were. An Sephi, female standing at perhaps 5 feet 10 inches tall. She has an overall full-figured athletic build with wide shoulders, broad hips, and she fills out an outfit rather fully as well. Her skin-tone is a rich deep tan with lavender overtones, it's smooth and glossy, not having any visible imperfection. The woman's hair is extremely long, and thick even, those silvertresses are pulled back partly into a pony tail, with a leather band to keep her mid-back-length tresses from getting in her way. Over her right ear is a thin, braid of silver hair, this pulled back along her pony-tail and allowed to hang over the front of her shoulder. Her bangs are left free for the most part and trimmed short enough to keep her hair out of her eyes. Her eyes being a rich, deep violet, and large enough one might loose them selves in, even with their seemingly sharpness of clarity.

        Those silver-hued tresses frame a rounded slightly angular face. Like many Sephi perhaps, her long pointed ears poke neatly out of those long silver tresses of hers, occasionally they might twitch with a change in mood, raising or lowering as the Sephi shows intrest, excitement, anger. This woman doesn't allways keep her emotions on her sleeves, instead one might just have to read how her ears are pinned at a given moment

        A long neck leads into wide-ish, though proportional shoulders that narrow down slightly into a shapely torso and waist it seems the woman is rather gifted, her chest stretches her shirt fully it seems. Her torso narrows into a nice trim waist and flairs again at the hips and buttock area. To say that she has an hour-glass figure might be an incredible understatement . Long, toned legs are next as one'e eyes drift down her figure, full muscular thighs, leading to trimmed calves and dainty feet. Seems this person's lead a life of rather rigourous training to not only be that full of figure but at the same time seemingly athletic and well toned..

        Currently, this woman wears a simple button up grey mid-sleeved shirt. This being a common weave most spacers or active people may wear. Comfort being prized as much as a trim, clean look. The front has a low V created by the fact tha tthe shirt wraps around and buttons up one side, and she seems to like to leave the top-button unfascened which causes the tip pleat to rest lower and of course maybe show just a bit of cleavage that seems to strain even this top. Over that top she wears a leather vest which keeps her sleeves out of the way. The vest appears to be held in place by a series of criss-crossing straps spaced evenly down her front. Each strap seemingly snapped together at the left side of her vest, with buckles in the middle for adjustment, but catches down the left side of the vest.

        The gaps in the vest, allow sight of the grey tunic or mid-length shirt she chooses to wear. The grey shirt completely covers her navel, belly and really goes mid way down her hips, draping over her slightly baggy black paneled grey pants. The panels appear to be leather or something like that with a similar grey slightly stretchy fabric between. Those pants are tucked into mid calf buckle sided boots, these actually being brown leather boots, each clasp being a dark grey puter or even black. There's a bit of wear to her footwear as it were. The heals of these boots arent' very high. On her waist is a black belt with a dull steel buckle. Around that belt are a number of pouches holding things of utility. A com-link, odds and ends that she might want to have, and along the belt, held horizontal is a long metal cylinder with a bit of leather over the top of the thing perhaps to keep it safe? All in all the female tends to wear simple, comfotable clothing that reeks of pragmaticism rather than trying to show off what is probably a rather incredible figure.





What a great description!  Though her clothing seems to bespeak her full personality, any event happen in her adventures that might show on her equipment? clothing? or perhaps take off on a different character tangent?  

You stated the handle also has variable lengths. Is it for compactness? or to use alternately as a two handed weapon? Is the handle design straight or curved/makashi-like? does the handle have a pommel of sorts?

If you have no objections, I'll take this request.