Aryn Leneer [Aenid31]

So I am a big fan of The Old Republic Novel "Deceived", and Aryn Leneer is one of the protagonists in the novel. But she doesn't have an "offical look". There's a few concepts buts thats's it. So I would like to make a request of someone to create a sort of "offical look" for Aryn. Here are some concepts to go off of.……

So here's established traits about Aryn so far

  • Bruntte Hair (Usually in a Bun) 
  • Green Eyes
  • Fair White Skin
  • Jedi Sentinel (Yellow Single Hilt Lightsaber)
  • A Mixture of Garments and Armour (Similiar to Ven Zallow)

I would like to see Aryn's concept in a orthographic view, but it's up to the artists on how to create her. Thanks! 



I absolutely love it! The only thing I would change are her robes. To slightly resemble Ven Zallows robes a little more. T-Shirt like sleeve going down just before her elbow and connecting her jacket and waist robe. Besides that it is amazing. I appreciate your time and effort dedicated to my request!