Trandoshan Samurai Request [Braltika]

I would like to request a character presentation of a Trandoshan female slaver and starship captain who is fond of using the heavy rotary blaster cannon (inspired by the Predator movie's GE M134 Minigun (Handheld)).  As a result, she must be athletic.  In addition, I would like her overall look to pull its inspiration from the disciplined Samurais of ancient Japan as opposed to the chaotic neo-feminist space marine of the Aliens movie.  To that end, I would prefer her to portray a stoicism in demeanor tinged with a quiet ferocity, tradition in her choice of wardrobe which should recall to mind the Imperial armor of the Samurai but futuristic at the same time.  It is Star Wars, after all.  And like Star Wars, she should appear rugged and combat experienced as opposed to the polished and comfortable look of an Alderaanian princess.


Please let me know if this is enough to go on.  If not, I can provide even greater detail.  Many thanks in advance!


I'd like to take this one. However, because of lack of time, I prefer drawing these characters in a neutral stance, of which you can find many examples in my gallery. If you can live with that, I'll be taking this request.