Ras'algethi, Rogue Sith Cult Princess [aenid31]

This time I have a request for my friend's character who is also a member of the party aboard the Mos Eisley Shuffle, originally a paying passenger on the run from the Cult of the Revenant, some meddling in the affairs of the captain by my Zeltron errant Jedi knight earned everyone a spot on the crew. She tends to be at odds with him regarding how problems should be approached and an uncomfortably familiar bit shared history. She was briefly the matriarch of the cult on Ziost but left when she began to doubt the accuracy of the cult's teachings. Her grandfather, the previous head of the cult was killed by his right hand agent-my Jedi knight errant-who fled the cult afterwards. Now she too is chased by their agents, to be brought back before her brother who was ascended to the throne in her absence. She's an expert duelist and pretty hilarious to witness interact with others since she's really anachronistic-raised in an isolated environment established on Old Republic principles and technology. Anyways, I hope you guys will consider drawing her since I'm trying to surprise him by getting him some character art.

Name:  Ras'algethi
Age:  20 
Sex:  Female 
Height:  5’ 4” 
Weight:  130 
Species:  Arkanian Offshoot (Human/Sephi) 
Home Planet:  Ziost
Alignment:  Neutral Chaotic

Brief Description:
-5’ 4”
-Petite Frame
-Lithe Build
-Marble White Skin 
-Crimson "Sith Eyes"
-Sith Tattoos (Full Body, Crimson)
-Snow White Hair, Straight, Chest Length, Unstyled
-Elfin Ear Shape 
-Several wounds that healed improperly, left her with a few gruesome scars on her torso, neck, and extremities. Large surgical scar across down her chest.
-Speaks in a painful, rasping whisper due to her throat wound, often projects her words into the minds of those around her with the Force
-Decorated Breathe Mask which Covers Mouth and Nose, with Gold Embellishments and Sith Symbols. Masks are a traditional symbol in her people's cult, and her aids her in breathing and speaking.
-Armored Black Robes (Elaborate, Old Republic Style)
-Black kama and long, thin veil or tabard attached over the hips by chain
-Fitted Mandalorian Iron Bell Cuirass (Unpolished, Unpainted)
-Expert Duelist
-Calm, Collected, Cryptic, and Sophisticated
-Out of Touch with Modern Times
-Though cruel and callous, not prone to acts of wanton violence or or pointless bloodshed
-True to her word, morally unclouded by her actions, confident in her decisions, and protective of her noble pride
-Eldest child of the ruling family of an ancient, Revan-worshipping Sith cult hidden in the frozen wastes of Ziost since the Old Republic
-Killed her own father, who was deemed unfit to lead, after she ascended to the throne following the death of her grandfather-the previous patriarch
-Abandoned the cult when visions of Revan preaching wildly different teachings than those observed by her people caused her to question their ways
-Renounced the Sith's hunger for power in lieu of her search for truth


Gratuitously Detailed Description: Standing at just over five feet tall Ras is diminutive to other Sith Masters, however her stance and demeanor suggests power and authority. It is said that when she gives orders she appears to always be looking down upon you, even if she is half your height. She skin is the color of marble, and her eyes are a distinct crimson. She wears traditional Sith tattoos across all of her body, inked in crimson on her alabaster skin. Her hair is typical of Arkanian genetic productions, being a completely solid white color, not free of pigment, but pigmented white. A quirk of the genetic tampering both in her genetic origin and via sith alchemy is her ears shape into sharp points, similar to her presumed Sephi genes lost in the dusts of time. The majority of her lower face is covered with an elaborate breathe mask, all hard edges with gold engravings marking yet more sith symbols and alchemies. A beskar bell cuirass formed to her body protects her upper body, with additional plates in traditional Mandalorian style cover her arms and legs. An overlong kama extends from a leather belt, a tabard cloth hanging from a chain just covering a groin plate (Like the front-veil of the Leia's slave costume). A black scabbard and hilt peek from behind her waist, and a Lightsaber hangs on her left side, emitter facing the ground for cross draw. 

Ras is armed with a lightsaber made from an old lightfoil from her cult's ancient, ancestral treasure vaults. The hilt is short, intended to be held with one hand and featuring a basket hand guard made from Mandalorian iron sprouting from the emitter guard and swooping down to the pommel, featuring Sith markings. The blade is a deep bloody orange made from a Sith alchemied crystal based on the same stygium crystals used elsewhere for cloaking devices-causing the blade to occasionally flicker in a deceptive fashion. She has taken to wielding a phrik alloy dirk in her off-hand for inflicting mortal wounds on enemy duelists.