A Kushiban Christmas

It's been just short of a year since I last made a request for a character here but I was just struck by an idea and hopefully one of you wonderful artists out there can help me with it.

I would like to send a christmas card to my friends from my campaign and would like it to feature everyone's favourite bad ass ninja space bunny, Bob, the Kushiban. Who you can see if you follow this link to the wonderful Tusserk's wonderful work.


As always, I'm going to be pretty non-specific with the details for this and will instead just say have at it. So long as it's some form of christmas image featuring Bob being Bob. Generally surly, probably drunk and maybe beating someone up. He doesn't necessarily have to be wearing the outfit Tusserk gave him as he wears whatever is suitable for the situation he's in and sometimes doesn't wear clothes at all...What? He's a tiny little alien rabbit covered in fur! It's fine.

I understand that many of you guys are just trickling back to this site after a long time away and may not be in the request granting mood but if you don't ask, you don't get. So I'm asking.

I don't normally like to put a time frame on my requests but for this one there would have to be an obvious date. But if you want to do it and end up not having the time to finish it before that date, don't sweat it. This was just a fun idea I had. If it doesn't happen then I'm perfectly fine. There's no need to stress over it.

Thanks again in advance to anyone who decides to indulge me.