Character Request [Asok]

I am developing an Adventure book for Star Wars EDGE OF EMPIRE roleplaying game. I have developed a new species that I would like to get a pirate captain , pirate crew member and A farmer versions of.The pirate wears a purple eye patch over his eye from a wound that was suffered during a bar brawl.The species have the ability to change color of their skin when needed similar to a caminian. They have 2 legs and two hands similar to a human. Their heads have what is similar to the head dress of the twilek's but shorter and more of them. A little back ground on them as a people. The planet they live on only has one large space port and most of the planets commerce comes from there. They are loyal farmers as a people but a few have setup a pirate base running spice and stolen property off of the planet. They pirates have recently kidnapped a hutts daughter. I would appreciate any help given and willl acknowledge the artist in the adventure when it is released to the public. If the artist is interested in doing more work on the adventure just let me know thank you.


Ooh this sounds interesting but I'm already swamped with commissions and have little spare time :(