Malal, future Warlord and Pirateking [Asok]


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Malal is a Human, born to the planet Dromund Kaas. His father was a Sith warrior who took part in the Sacking of Coruscant and his mother was a soldier for the Republic who was captured, taken prisoner and then sold into slavery, and bought by his father to torture. He was sent to Korriban in his early teens to train as an Acolyte under the Overseers there. After many trials, Malal was taken by Dark Lady of the Sith, Istorika, a Sith historian and seer. Istorika provided Malal with the best training possible, honing his martial skills and becoming a force to be reckoned with in hand to hand combat and lightsaber combat. Istorika used Malal to her own gain, she would send her young apprentice to search distant planets for both ancient Sith and Jedi relics and holocrons which helped her to rise to new heights within the Sith. After years of success, Istorika sent Malal to a planet deep in the Unknown Regions where "a great battle between Sith and Jedi" took place. Needless to say, this was an ambush set up by the Dark Lady, and Malal and what soldiers remained loyal to him were forced to fight for their lives on an empty world. 

Currently, Malal and his men have been picked up from the planet by a ragtag bunch of pirates and Malal has begun stalking through the ship, hunting and killing all of his attempted captors in order to take over the ship.

Should you choose to draw Malal for me, please take into consideration the details provided below, but, obviously, feel free to take artistic freedom.

Name: Malal
Title: Warlord, unofficial "Lord"
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: 170lbs
Species: Human/Cyborg
Alignment: Chaotic.

Short description:
⦁    Average height and build
⦁    Pale skin from time spent in space
⦁    Sith eyes "filled with the need for revenge"
⦁    Rough, very short hair and beard, light brown/coppery
⦁    Aggressive, charismatic, forceful
⦁    Armour is graphite/off black in colour
⦁    Left arm is in this armour style…
⦁    Former enforcer for a powerful Sith Witch