Female human con-artist/thief/mooch! [Hisham]

Hello, SWAGgers!

It's been forever since I posted a request here, but I've just joined what looks to be a pretty interesting play-by-forum Edge of the Empire campaign and could sure use a portrait by one of you fine folks! Here's a (rather lengthy) description of the character, with the more specific physical stuff toward the end. 



Lorin Dall is a twenty-one year-old human woman from the core world of Chandrila. A thief by 'trade', she is a good-natured thrill seeker who usually gets what she wants through a combination of persuasion, subterfuge, and good old-fashioned sleight of hand.

Recent History:

In her middle-class youth, Lorin was a bright but unmotivated student who rarely studied, and only managed to commence from school thanks to a combination of innate intelligence and undeniable charm. Upon graduation, she had no idea what she wanted to do, but was very certain what she didn't want to do: work for a living, or get married.

However, being forcibly (but lovingly) ejected from her parents' home caused her to relax her stance on the first point, and Lorin soon found employment as a cocktail waitress in an upscale lounge in her home city. It was here that she caught the eye of a prominent local politician (think Anthony Weiner... in SPAAACE!!!) and, though she held no attraction to the man whatsoever, agreed to be taken on a date by him, to see how the 'other half' lived.

The date was not nearly as romantic as the politician had hoped. His unwelcome advances, coupled with the late revelation that he had a wife and children waiting for him at home, brought out a vindictive streak in Lorin. And through some fancy maneuvering, the night ended with Lorin racing down the street in the man's luxury landspeeder, custodian of a few thousand credits of his Imperial cash. It was, at that point, the most thrilling experience of her life.

Of course the landspeeder had to be abandoned almost immediately, but the stolen credits enabled Lorin to book passage on a private transport ship out-system. Free from Chandrilan law enforcement, the girl has been travelling from spaceport to spaceport in search of more sights, more sounds, more fun, and… more money.

Since the credits she'd stolen ran out quite quickly (as they do), Lorin has been forced to resort to petty (and not-so-petty) thievery to survive, and to stay one step ahead of whatever enforcers the politician might have sent after her. Though she has no delusions about her status as a professional thief, Lorin still has a personal code of conduct. Eschewing hardworking, middle-class beings, she only steals from the exceedingly rich (who won't notice a few thousand missing here or there), the corrupt (who deserve it, as far as she's concerned), and other, more heinous criminals (who obviously deserve it).

This code means that Lorin is often found cozying up to less-reputable individuals. With her cheery demeanour and wholesome good looks, she is often seen as completely out of her depth by such individuals - a perception that Lorin exploits to the utmost degree, as many penniless, nefarious cantina-dwellers can now attest.

Personality and Appearance:

Lorin Dall is a dazzling conversationalist, with an infectious enthusiasm for anything that is new and exciting. With a disarming smile and natural good looks, she is generally viewed favourably by others… unless they figure out that they've become one of her victims. 

Lorin is 170 cm tall, with a slight build. She typically wears fashionable but functional clothing; while she always likes to look stylish, she recognizes that her best option is to stick with clothing that won't impede her ability to run for her life, when necessary. This usually means comfortable pants, boots, and a flowy shirt. Her blonde hair is tied in a ponytail at the middle of the back of her head, out of which spring a few locks that frame her lightly-freckled face.


I'd be happy to offer any more detail that I can, and really hope that someone will take this request!

I. J. Thompson

Interesting! Can't say I stole from (or saw) your character, though... I just tend to play the more social characters, usually female, and a 'swindler' type seemed like a natural fit for EotE! :)

I. J. Thompson

Oops! Not trying to bump the thread (since it's at the top right now anyway), but I should add that she carries a light blaster pistol... maybe the same type that Princess Leia carried in Episode IV? Just thought I should mention...