I have a spacemonkey request! [Tusserk]

To my beloved reader,

I need an image of a type of spacemonkey I'm using in my current game. I'll be brief, as the topic is relatively limited. That's not to say that the work someone would put into it is by any means simple, but that the subject matter is very finite.

That said, I've given my players a general description of this spacemonkey, but I myself can't seem to work out how it looks. I've done a few sketches, but can't get it to jive.

I'm imagining what might be best described as a headless gorilla or orangutan, so more of a space-ape, I suppose.  Not headless in a sense of decapitated, but that the creature was never preposessed of a cranium by design. I was intentionally vague about the position of the mouth, as I had not quite situated in my mind. At any rate, one of my perspicacious players coined the term 'mankey' (from a popular cartoon and game as I understand) based the description I gave, so I'm pressed to dispel what I feel to be an unfair assessment of the creatures that I took such care to design, albeit with malice aforethought.  I offered an alternative however, recommending that the group instead try to visualize, were they inclined to affect a well-known animated trope, Gossamer from the Looney Toons franchise (minus the sneakers).

Unbeknownst to the players, as their characters witnessed a trio of these space-apes from afar (guarding an Ubese facility), our space-apes do not have eyes either.  That's really the only thing I have to insist on, aside from the fact that they are apes or monkeys in a sense of having prehensile feet, and have the muscle mass one would expect of a large arboreal ape.

TL;DR: I need an image of an eyeless, headless gorilla/orangutan to be used as a watchdog for a secret Ubese facility.


What colour are they? Could we have a little creative liberty to add a bit of visual interest with a bit of basic patterning, or would you prefer just a single solid colour?


Good Question,

In my head, and the players seem to have drawn the same conclusions as well, I'm thinking coffee/orange fur color, like an orangutan, with black or white creeping in with age. Patterns or even bald spots can vary greatly among specimens. And hell, since they're blind, why not discreet antennae or something?

In other words, go nuts :P

Thanks, and I'm hoping to see good things if and when someone would grace us with a rendition.