Senec Tinople: An Aged Caamasi Sith [Asok]


Guessing this might be a long shot due to inactivity, but I've been wanting to find some art for my Sith Caamasi character for a Sith RP group that I'm in. I'm looking for a style that reflects the Sithiness of the character - not necessarily edgy, but not cutesy either. I'll provide a fair amount of detail on his looks and equipment; it would be awesome if y'all could take all of it into account, but if you can't necessarily use all of it, I get that too.

Senec Tinople is a Caamasi Sith Apprentice, an assassin-in-training, who mostly relies on his skill with illusions and deception to confuse and destroy his targets. Unlike most of his species, who are known for their diplomacy and pacifism, Senec is cold and conniving, using the Caamasi skill with words to tear down and destroy, rather than to unite. He is a former archaeologist, turned treasure hunter, now turned Sith apprentice, who has spent decades exploring and studying ancient civilizations like the Rakata and the ancient Sith. Therefore, despite being only an apprentice, he is rather old, currently 65 years old, so his feathers have greyed some.

His back is bent partly due to his age, and partly because of a nasty fall while exploring a Massassi temple (his back should have been broken, but his latent Force powers saved him) Additionally, he carries a cane with him, made of a black cortosis-woven metal, with a golden loth-wolf head on the pommel (this is based directly on a cane that I have; I can send pictures if needed). The cane also secretly contains his lightsaber. Like with most sword canes, the top can be unscrewed to reveal a wicked Sith dagger. The body of the cane itself is the lightsaber: a lightsaber pike with an unusually long handle and a red blade emanating from one end.

He wears dark robes, simple enough to allow for combat and freedom of movement in climbing or exploring rough terrain, and a belt is cinched around his waist, with minor supplies in pouches. He also carries his datapad hooked at his belt (think of how Link carries his Sheikah Slate hooked on his belt in Breath of the Wild). He wears high black boots, as is the custom for most adventurers, though his are more comfortable than fashionable.

If there's any info I'm forgetting that would be useful in informing the character; let me know, and I'd be more than happy to clarify details. Thanks for reading!


Wow, this is so amazing! Thank you so much! I love how much attention you paid to the detail on his costume, and the mannerisms/mood of the portrait is just right! You've made my day.