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A place to tell us about your adventures.

For years we have been doing pictures for all of the great Star Wars roleplayers out there. However we never really gave you a place to tell us about your adventures. We know that the artists love the short stories they are given about characters that you want to see brought to life. But everyone loves a good story. First off let me say.... "All rules of the forum for social gathering still takes effect here. Please leave out any adult content so that it is safe for all general audience."

Well, I tried EOTE for awhile. It was fun, but ultimately too much for me to keep track of regarding character development. It went the way of most RPGs; source books pour forth, each one with its own new set of classes and trees to fluster the GM. That's my biggest gripe, and it wouldn't be that big of an issue if the core rulebook didn't feel so lacking. Like I mentioned though, that is the way things go when money changes hands.

I've been running my Mandalorian-based game for quite some time now.  We just finished our 28th session.  I thought it would be kind of neat to talk about it as if we had been doing a TV show.  So i've written this as a retrospective done by a fictional media outlet.  I've used a variety of actors photos to represent NPCs, some with digital mods some without.  So I've gone with the assumption that the actual actors would have been playing those parts if it were a TV show.

I finished it off as a PDF, but I can't post that here, so I'll relate it as a copy-paste of the text:

Hey there guys!

So for some time it's been under my attention that my pursuit of Star Wars fanon has been a tad different than a lot of you guys here on SWAG. My circle and I actually tend to text-roleplay Star Wars rather than play tabletop. Reading into some of the descriptions of some of the pieces on the site, it's really awesome to see snippets of your adventures. Sooo in the same vein of thought, I thought maybe I'd provide a way to share our adventure as it's underway for those of you who are interested.

Rather than retype our gaming sessions, we're actually podcasting them. Currently got about 13 hours of material released, another 3-4 hours in the pipe and 2 six hour gaming sessions lined up in the next two weeks. The goal here is a full campaign start to finish, all within the EU canon, but taking place from 3 BBY ->~ 1 BBY.

We always welcome feedback, comments.

I was sketching out a picture of Yoda walking with a Mystic from Dark Crystal. I played out the conversation in my head. It was a little like this...About 13 years before episode IV
Yoda "Returning home you are?
Mystic " Yes. The Chosen one has been born. I must raise and protect him."
Yoda " So, it was as we thought then? Skywalker, the chosen one he was not."
Mystic " No. We added Plagueis in Anikin's creation to keep the true one of prophecy secret."
Yoda " Thought something wrong there was. That power should no one have. "

In my downtime (since I don't have access to Edge of the Empire), I've been creating my own RPG system from the ground up. It's an elaboration based on this streamlined beginner's game I made for my nephew (my stepdad got really into it!). I playtest somewhat regularly with my girlfriend and my little brother, and I think I've gotten a solid core mechanic worked out. Yesterday, I ran smuggler-vs-stormtrooper scenarios with my brother, and I think it worked pretty well.

Okay, why not, here I am! You've given us a space to wax lyrical about our campaigns, so I may as well use it, especially since it's not just myself from our home game hanging around SWAG these days.

We're currently in the midst of our second campaign, and it's barrelling along just as merrily as our first!