A lifetime of memories


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I wrote this a long time ago, and it takes place in the galaxy far far away...  It's VERY long...  Anyone who does read it, I'd love to hear any feedback you have.  Thanks :)

A Lifetime of Memories

It was late at night, when most children are born, when Crystal entered the world. She entered it in the usual way, at the hospital in Theed. Her parents weren't very rich, and didn't know what they were going to do about the child. Where as it took them only a few moments to decide to have her, it took 2 years to decide that she needed something better than what she had. 

The Galactic Civil War had the system in an uproar, and it seemed that getting credits was more important than anyones life. Especially that of a 2 year old girl. Without any other options to them, Crystal's parents made a sacrifice, that they may have regretted for the rest of their lives. An imperial officer bought the child for a few hundred credits, and was going to show her a life that she wouldn't have known otherwise. However, a simple twist of fate took her on a journey that would be long forgotten, and then remembered. 

The office was assigned to the penal colony on the planet Dathomir, where he and his family were ordered to go. It didn't take a smart person to do as they were told when it came to the Empire. As he and his wife made themselves as comfortable as one could on such a dark and mysterious world, they lost track of their newly adopted daughter. 

"Sweetie, have you seen Crystal?" The womans voice was in a panic, as her husband looked around the house. 

"When did you see her last?" He wasn't as calm as he usually was, but wasn't scared yet. 

"She was just sitting here by me, next thing I know, she's gone." 

"We'll find her. I'm sure. I'll have some of the men look for her, in case she got out." 

"Please do." Her voice echoed through the wind as the young 2 year old crawled to a fate that not even she would wish upon herself. 

"Hello young one." The voice was as a shadow in the night. "I feel your presense, come... come..." The voice rang through the night. 

"You there, stop where you are." the storm trooper didn't know who he was talking to, and neither did anyone else. As a powerful strike of force lightning entered the storm troopers body. Knocking him over dead. 

And the woman vanished into the night with the young child in her arms.

Crystal awoke from her sleep. The dreams were only getting worse as she got older. Dreams of a different life, a life that was long gone, yet tormented her at all times. 

The past several years hadn't been the most pleasant, yet she was learning a lot about a force of magic that the Night Sisters used. She caught on rather quickly to the usage of many of the powers, yet the rituals of her mother scared her. She only doubted that the woman was her mother at those times when she awoke, with pictures of a different woman. A kind woman, a woman who's face was more beautiful than the sunrise on Naboo, which was funny, since she only dreamed of those sunrises. 

"Crystal, come outside." The voice rang through her mind as it always did. As if she was in her mind at all times, keeping watch on everything she was thinking. 

"Yes Mother." She slowly tumbled off the padding she used as a bed, and got onto her feet. She dressed in the clothing that was normal for those of her kind. A black cloaked dress, with patterns of their clan on it. "What is it?" Crystal pondered as she saw her mother around the fire. 

"Gaze into the fire, and release your mind. I want you to feel your ancestors flowing through you. I want you to feel the power that they can give you, the magic that will produce from such power, is your ally. It will guide you to your real fate." Her voice as eiry as ever continued to repeat in her mind as she gazed into the fire. 
"Please, I beg of you. We need the money. We will starve without it. My daughter deserves more than this life." She stood with the 2 year old in her arms. Offering the child to a man in a uniform. 

"Ma'am, we can not take your child." The man replied back as another man walked over. 

"My wife and I have been trying to have a child for years." With that he handed the woman a handfull of credits, enough to buy food for several months. The woman in turn, filled with tears, handed over the child. 

"Thank you kind sir." The man said, as his eyes filled with tears. With a kiss on the forehead of the child, he grabbed is wife, and hugged her close as they walked away, not turning back. 



"Yes Mother?" Crystal said softly as her eyes filled with tears. 

"Did you see anything?" 

"Yes, I did." 

"Was it the past, present, or your future?" 

"I believe it was the past." 

"Then you know?" 

"Yes Mother. I know that I was not meant to be here." 

"However, you are welcome to stay, for I and all your sisters love you." 

"I know mother." 

"Today is your 16th birthdate. You have a choice to make. You can either decide to stay here, and live among those who love you, and continue to learn the powers that I have taught you since so many years ago." 

"Or?" Crystal asked as she wiped the tears from her eyes. 

"We can let you leave the planet, and the sisterhood that you have come to know, and search out your past, or your future. It is up to you. We will not stop you from searching for something so close to your heart." 

"Do you know about my dreams?" Crystal felt her heart float to her throat as she spoke the words. 

"I do not see your dreams my daughter, however, I feel your pain, and know that you are not sure of your destiny." 

"I am not sure if destiny exists mother." 

"Of course it does my darling. If it didn't, you would not have found your way into my arms, or my heart. You have taught me as many things as I have taught you." 

"Thank you mother." Crystal said as she returned to her feet and grabbed her mother and hugged her. "thank you for everything." Crystal's eyes began to flow with tears once again as her heart made her decision for her. "I'm afraid I must leave. There is something more out there for me, I can feel it." 

"Then leave my darling, and never regret leaving. If you ever have trouble in the future. You can always come back here." 

"Thank You." 

Crystal searched out a way to sneak aboard the many cargo shipments that were being made to the nearby prison. Then started her search into where she belonged.

"You there... what are you doing here?" The mans voice rang through the cargo bay as if it were a loud bell. 

"Sorry, sir. I got lost and found my way here." Crystals soft voice enchanted the man somewhat. 

"Well, we can't have you running around down here. We'll find you some quarters, and you'll be gettng off at our next stop. Where did you get on?"

"I'm not sure, but I don't think it matters. Wherever you want to drop me off, I'm sure will be fine." 

"Yeah, it doesn't matter, you should be fine at our next stop." 

"Where is your next stop?" 

"We'll be stopping at Coruscant. I am sure you can find something to do there." 

"I am sure I will also." 

Crystal followed the man back to the main floor where she was put into a small room, with an uncomfortable bed. 

"Stay here until I come to get you. Understood?" 

"Yes sir." Crystal curled up on the bed and fell into a deep sleep. 


"Crystal, Crystal... You have escaped one destiny, and another. Now come and meet your real destiny, the one that was layed out for you when you were born." 


"Ma'am... Time to get up, we're here. Coruscant, the largest city in the galaxy." 

Crystal walked off the ship to find herself on a platform high above the ground. The dream was still running through her mind, as she searched the meaning of it. Yet the city had caught the rest of her attention, making her realize that there was a LOT more to the galaxy, then she had ever thought. 

"I'm sure you can find your way around." The man turned around and walked back onto the ship, starting to unload it. 

Crystal found herself wandering around for a while, looking for a way to get down to street level. She finally found a lift in one of the larger buildings and took it down. As she walked off the lift she noticed that the ground level looked nothing like the landing pad she had walked off of. It was much darker, shadowed by the many tall buildings, as if it was in a state of constant night, it made her think back to Dathomir, and to her mother and sisters. She shook away the memories as she started to walk the streets, looking for something, some kind of sign. 

**Now Hiring Wait staff** 

The sign was on a window of one of the more colorful places she saw in the area, so she walked in. 

"Hello, my name is Crystal. You are looking for help?" 

"That's what the sign says isn't it?" The mans gruff voice came back at her, as if he didn't want anything to do with her. 

"Yes sir, perhaps I could offer my help." 

"It pays 100 credits a week, and you get room and board, is that a deal?" 

Crystal thought for a moment as she looked around the establishment. 

"Yes, Sir. We have a deal."

"Hey, little missy. Get me another one, won't you baby?" The drunk man slapped Crystal on her butt, as he spoke slurringly. 

"You don't want another one, and you don't want to slap me again." Crystal spoke as if she were speaking to a small child. The man sat back in his chair, and then laughed it off with his buddies, as if nothing had happened. 

"Your right... I don't want another, just give me the bill." 

Crystal walked over to the bar tender and asked for the bill for the table. The bartender had been quite pleased with the way this small girl was able to handle herself for the past few months. Thinking of giving her a raise in pay, he noticed that she really didn't need one. She had been making plenty of credits in tips. 

"How do you do that?" 

"What?" Crystal asked of the bartender. 

"Everytime you have a disorderly customer, you tell them what they want, and they just leave you alone. Almost as if they were afraid of you." 

Crystal smiled and then replied. "No one wants to see a girl cry." She then gave the bar tender a curious grin and took the men back their check. 

"I didn't have 7 drinks little missy." The man spouted as he looked at his ticket. 

"Let me see that." Crystal said as she took the ticket back. "Your right, you had 8 drinks. But since we didn't charge you for the 8th one count it on the house." 

"Whatever you say." The man spouted as he threw down enough credits for the 8 drinks and a nice tip. 

"Thank you and come again. Allright everyone, it's closing time." 

With a large sigh the entire bar started to down their drinks and leave their tips on the tables. 


"Crystal, your destiny lies in finding me. Come to me Crystal, so I may teach you the true ways of the Force." 


The dreams didn't stop comming, day after day she awoke hearing the same voice telling her to search him out. Telling her that her destiny lies elsewhere. It seemed as if it were never going to stop. 

The next day had been a usual day, nothing much different until that night. 

"Good evening, could I get a Blue Milk please." 

The voice was as familiar as her own. 

"Yes sir, one... Blue Milk comming right up." her voice seemed quite nervous. 

"Why are you so nervous miss?" 

"I'm not nervous sir, I just must know something, if you don't mind me asking." 

"No, go ahead." 

"Do I know you?" 

"I don't believe so. Do you think you know me?" 

"Well, your voice is so familiar. It seems as if ... well this is going to sound strange... but it seems as if you've been speaking to me for several months, since I came here." 

"I have?... Is your name... Crystal?" The older man looked at her with a strange look in his face. As Crystal nearly lost her voice, and breath. 

Crystal shook her head affirmatively. 

"Then it looks as if our paths were meant to pass." He smiled at her, and then reached out and touched her hand. "Are you willing to leave this place, and search out a new destiny?" 

Crystal once again shook her head affirmatively. 

The older man took her hand and started walking out the door with Crystal. 

"Hey, where are you taking my waitress?" 

"Sorry sir, but she has to quit." The man said and Crystal nodded at the bartender as she took off her apron and laid it on the table on the way out.

"Thank you for the job." Crystal muttered as they walked out into the street. 

"My name is Daxan Sage, and I'm a Jedi Master. It would be my pleasure to show you your true destiny."

The ship took off from the platform, as Crystal watched the city get smaller and smaller out of the window. 

Daxan put in the coordinates into the computer, and set up the hyperspace. The ship blasted into hyperspace, and Daxan moved back to the area Crystal was sitting in. 

"The Force is with everyone, everyone can use it, and nobody has the right too." 

"What is this Force?" 

"The Force is a power that we can all tap into. It gives us abilities to do what is right or what is wrong. It shows you the future, the past, and the present. It shows you everything you ever need to know, if you let it. You control it, and it controls you." 

"Are you saying that it will make me do things?" 

"Well, let's say that it will make you do things, at least while you are sleeping. It will play with your mind from time to time, causing you to see things that you shouldn't see. I was taught how to use the force when I was young, and learned later on in life that some things I was taught were wrong. So I left the Jedi Order. Since then things have become much clearer, yet even more clouded at the same time." 

"Sorry, to interrupt, but what does this all have to do with me?" 

"You have a connection with the Force, I felt you using it, shortly before I came into the cantina. It is the powers you are using to change peoples minds. Who taught you the powers you are using?" 

"My mother, well, my adoptive mother. She is a night sister on Dathomir." 

"A NightSister? How in the world did you get off that forbidden planet?" Daxan seemed almost terrified. 

"I snuck aboard a ship, and ended up in that city." 

"So what all do you know of the Force then?" 

Crystal stopped looked at him, and then moved her hands one over the other, as her hands filled with force lightning she looked at the Jedi Master. 

"I know how to do this, and how to make others do what I wish." 

"With me you will learn how to tell the difference between good and evil. That power is evil, and should not be used by a Jedi who is good. I will teach you how to be good, and hopefully you will learn how to control the evil within you." 

Daxan paused and looked towards the front of the ship, then back to Crystal. 

"However, I can't teach you that control, that is something you must learn." Daxan paused again as he looked back up to the front of the ship. "Do you hear that?" 

"Hear what?" 

"It sounds like something is moving around at the front of the ship." 

"I didn't hear anything." Crystal got up and walked up to the front of the ship. "There is nothing here." 

"Now it's in the back of the ship." Daxan started to fidget where he was sitting. 

"I don't see anything." Crystal started to shiver a bit, as she felt something cold in the air. "Did the temperature just drop in here?" 

"I feel really warm." Daxan looked down at the flloor, then fell into a deep sleep. 

"Daxan?... Daxan?" Crystal poked the man yet he didn't respond. 


"I'm here Crystal, can't you hear me?" 

"Yes I hear you." 

"Speak with me in your mind, not with your lips." 

"Can you hear me?" 

"Yes I can, and let me warn you now. When awake, I can't seem to control the things around me, however, I can teach you much of the force. I wish to help you progress, as long as you can deal with times when I may flip out." 

"What is wrong with you?" 

"Some will call it age, others would call it being plain crazy. I'm not sure what it is. I can promise that I can teach you much about the Force, and how to use it." 

"Is this how you will teach me?" 

"No, this is quite draining on me, and it is hard to keep control. Despite what I may say, or do when awake, I am still here, and can still teach you much. But only if you can keep one small promise." 

"What is the promise?" 

"That when we get done with your training, you must allow me to wipe any memories you may have of my existance, for my own safety reasons. Only the memories of me, and nothing else. You will retain all knowledge of the Force that you have ever learned. Is it a deal?" 

"Yes, it is a deal. I have nowhere else to go." 

"Then welcome to the beginnings of your training."

The alarm chimed, signaling that the ship was about to exit hyperspace. 

Daxan awoke slowly, shaking his head, and then smiled at the young woman. "Sorry about dosing off there, from time to time it just happens, one of those things I guess. Anyway, looks like we are here." 

"Where is here?" 

"This is where you will call home for a while, while I train you in the ways of the Force. You should be quite happy here, I've made a small part of it into a beautiful garden." 

The ship spiraled out of hyperspace and Crystal for the first time saw the planet that was before them. The gas giant was quite beautiful, but the nebula that surrounded the ship was even more beautiful. It was full of every color Crystal had ever seen. 

"Where are we?" 

"The system is called Arco Iris of Sandia. It means Rainbow of Sandia. None of the planets are inhabitable however, that doesn't mean that one can't make a place to stay on one." Daxan smiled at Crystal in the most unusual way. "They said I was crazy, and that it would never work, I had to prove them wrong." 

The ship started it's decent towards a small gaseous planet. 

"You sure you know what you are doing?" Crystal asked as the ship began getting closer and closer to the planet. 

"Yep, just watch." Daxan started to laugh as the ship started to decent into the planet. "You see, every gaseous planet has a core. And where there is land, you can build. Thus, if you build a completely inhabitable base on the core, you can live there forever." 

Just as he finished his explanation, a large black building became visible. 

"This is what I call home." 

Crystal looked in amazement, never even thinking that such a thing was possible. 

The ship landed on top of part of the building, and a voice was heard throughout the ship. 

"Docking procedures initiated, welcome home Daxan Sage." 

The ships platform opened up and Daxan got up from his seat, and walked to the entry. "Ladies first, Crystal." 

Crystal walked down the platform into the building. As she reached the end of the platform she just stopped. 

"It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL, what I can see anyway." she felt her heart thump into her throat as she looked around what could be called a paradise. "How does everything live here, there is no real light." 

"I found out that an artificial light can be as good as a real one. You see." Daxan pointed at the ceiling. "right now it's night time, however, with a few words... Let the sun rise." 

After Daxan spoke the ceiling tiles began to light up just as if it were a real sunrise. 

"Walla, you have a beautiful sunrise, and the plants feed off of it." 

Crystal started to see the rest of the large garden. With a large pool in the middle of it. 

"It is extremely beautiful." Crystal stated yet again. "Is this where you will teach me?" 

"Well, it is where I will teach you how to meditate. However, I have a training facility, all set up to keep myself attuned and my skills to their best abilities." 

"I can't wait to get started." Crystal smiled as she picked a fruit off of one of the trees, she smelled the fruit, and pressed it to her lips. "It's cool...?" 

"Yes, the nights get cold in this part of the garden, the trees like it, and it makes the fruit very nice to eat, right off the tree." 

"Do you have a knife?" 

"For what?" Daxan looked completely puzzled for the first time. 

"To take the skin off, what else?" 

"You take the skin off your fruit?... Why not eat it?" 

Crystal looked at Daxan then at the fruit. "Eat the skin? I never ate the skin when I was young, always peeled it off. If you didn't then you might get sick." 

"That skin won't make you sick sweety." 

Crystal placed her teeth onto the perfectly round, red fruit and bit into it, as some of the juices went into her mouth, she finished the bite, and started to chew. As she swallowed she looked back at Daxan. 

"Have a knife?" 

"What's wrong with the skin?" 

"It just doesn't taste right, but the juices are very good." 

Daxan laughed in a cackle, and walked off, and came back with a knife. 

Crystal took the knife and started from the top of the fruit, slicing the skin off in a spiral from top to bottom. the skin dropped to the floor into two pieces, one before the bite, and one after. She sliced the fruit into bite size pieces and ate it. 

"Very good." 

"Sweetie, you have some problems you need to work out." Daxan again started to cackle even harder this time as he showed Crystal the way to the training room.

"This is where we will be spending much of our time." Daxan said as he opened the door to the rather large room. "The only time you won't spend here, you'll be spending meditating, sleeping, or eating." Daxan again started to laugh. 

Crystal looked around the room, and saw many handles lying on a counter top. 

"What are those?" She asked. 

"Those are lightsabers. They are the weapon of a Jedi." Daxan pulled another one from his cloak, igniting it. "It is an elegant weapon. Not clumsy like a blaster." 

Crystal thought about it for a while as she looked at the weapon. "Am I supposed to learn how to use one?" 

"I will teach you how to use it, yes. The saber is part of the Jedi, and when you learn enough about the force, the saber becomes easier to use. Then you will make your own saber, which will be even more easier to use." 

"When do we start?" Crystal looked over at the handles on the counter. 

"We start as soon as you are ready." 

"I believe I'm ready." 

"Then let's start. First you must know a few things about what the Force is. The Force is what is among all of us. It is unseen yet, the most usefull part of everything. It controls everything around you, and can control you. But it will mostly listen to you as well. The dark side of the force tends to control you more, and the light side, listens more. When you have mastered one or the other, you will know which is your destiny. I mastered the light side, but know the dark side well. The Light side is very good. It allows you to control everything around you, where as the dark side, controls you, and everything around you. With that.. let's concentrate on learning the light side, you seem to have a grasp of things on the dark side." Daxan finally paused as he saw Crystal standing there not listening anymore. "Am I boring you?" 

"Honestly, yes." Crystal paused as she realized what she said. "What is the point of all of this?" 

"The point is simple. You must learn complete and total control." 

"from someone without control of himself, how ironic" Crystal lightly whispered to herself. 

"What was that?" 

"Nothing. What do I need to do first." 

"First you need to pick up one of those training sabers." 

Crystal reached over and picked up one of the handles on the counter and pushed the button on it. With the hiss of a saber it ignited. 

"Why is this a 'training' saber?" 

"It won't cut through your flesh, only singe it, in case you have a mishap with it while training. We'd hate to lose and arm, now wouldn't we." Daxan smiled as he put his saber away, and reached out his arm letting on of the sabers drift to his hand. 

Crystal looked in shock as the saber floated to his hand. "Is that part of the Force?" 


"The saber just floated to your hand." 

"Ah, yes. It is my friend and it does what I ask it." Daxan started to laugh again. "You can make friends with anything in the galaxy, and once you do, they will follow your command." 

Crystal looked puzzled at him, and then shrugged it off as his saber ignited. 

"First you will learn complete defense from a saber attack. Let the force flow through you, and meet my saber with yours. I'll start slowly at first, then we'll speed up." 

"Okay." Crystal said as she started to smile slightly. 

Daxan approached Crystal and struck down with the saber. Crystal met the saber easily. 

"Good... Good.." 

"You can speed up now. I think I know what you want me to do." 

Daxan laughed with a cackle once again as he started to speed up. With every strike Crystal met it rather fluidly, and easily. Daxan began to strike even more fiercly. Crystal acted with much ease, and began to sink into the fight. Her eyes glazed over as if she was in a mindless dance, as the saber began to fly being deflected constantly. The battle began to get quicker and quicker paced, until all Daxan could see is Crystal dancing with the saber moving so fast, it looked like a shield protecting her body. Her body moving gracefully in a silent dance, the only noise was that of the humm of the lightsaber. Her arms moved as if they were stroking through water, her legs danced as if she were in a rhythmic tone. Daxan stopped attacking and turned off the saber, watching Crystal. 

Crystal continued to dance, the saber glowing and hissing. 

"Crystal, I think we are done now." Daxan said as he sat watching, yet she made no move. "Crystal... We are done with this exercise." she still made no movement or even acknowledgement of him. "CRYSTAL!!!!!" He shouted as loud as his voice would carry throughout the room. Just then the saber went flying across the room, striking a wall and shutting off, and Crystal stopped, and looked at him, with a surprise on her face. 

"I am so sorry!... " Crystal was startled. "I... I ... I didn't mean to." She looked around and saw the saber on the ground. She sunk to the floor, with tears in her eyes. "I am so sorry, I didn't realize I was even here anymore. So many memories." 

"You have no control of the Force Crystal. It controls you. We will teach you control of the Force, then get back to the fighting styles."

Daxan took Crystal back into the garden and sat her on the ground. 

"The Force is all around us, and will listen to you. You must learn control of it. So to help you in that, we're going to have you use it to lift, and stack things around the garden. Including rocks, and crates from the docks. Once you have mastered control over the smaller things, we will move on to bigger things. Once you have control over bigger things, we'll move on to teaching you new powers that the Force allows us to use." 

Daxan stopped for a moment and looked around the garden. Daxan lifted his hand, and 3 large rocks moved over by the two of them. 

"Start with these..." Daxan put the rocks some distance apart from one another. "I want you to stack these rocks on top of one another, using the Force." 

"How do I do that?" Crystal looked at the large rocks and back at Daxan. 

"You meditate on the Force. You feel it surround you. Then you lift them with the Force. It will obey you." 

Crystal sat for a moment, and closed her eyes. She then opened her eyes and looked over at one of the rocks with her eyes glazed over. "It's not budging." 

"Close your eyes, and picture the rocks in your mind. Then picture where you want them to go. They will move, but you must control the Force. Not let the Force control you." 

Crystal closed her eyes, keeping a mental picture of all three of the rocks in her head. She though hard about one of them and placing it in front of her. What she didn't picture was where Daxan was. 

"Crystal!" Daxan shouted slightly. "Control the Force. Don't let it control you!" 

Crystal opened her eyes to see the rock floating very close to Daxans head. 

"You really need to learn control. Let's move to smaller rocks. These large ones may kill me." Daxan laughed and motioned for several smaller rocks to come to his feet. "Use the force to make a pattern out of these smaller rocks." 

Crystal shook her head, getting over being stunned about the larger rock nearly striking Daxan in the head, and closed her eyes. "What pattern?" 

"Just think about it. Clear you mind, and come up with a pattern, any pattern. Use as many rocks from the garden that it takes. Just keep them small. Create whatever pattern first comes to your head." 

Crystal started clearing her mind of everything... Letting an image come to her mind. As the image came to her mind the rocks started moving about the garden. Forming the shape in front of Crystal. The shape became clearer than glass to Daxan. 

"This is the shape that came to mind?" Daxan asked as he stared at the imperial symbol on the ground. 

"Yes it is." 

"What does this symbol mean to you?" 

"It's one of the first things I remember when I saw a vision, of my past." 

Daxan pondered for a moment. "Where did you see this symbol?" 

"On the man that my mother handed me too. Then he took me away. Where I ended up with my new mother." 

"The night sistes?" 

"Yes, why do you ask?" 

"That is the imperial symbol. It was the Empire that killed most of the Jedi off. And it is because of them that I live here." Daxan started to lose himself in his memories, as his mind begun to search the past. "Anyway... Very good control. Now reorganize them however you wish. Spell something out if you like." 

Crystal Closed her eyes picture what she wanted the rocks to do, and they did as she asked.

After several months of working with the skills she had learned, Crystal started to get the hang of stacking rocks, as well as making the pictures. 

"Well, now that you have the hang of the basics, and a lot more control, we'll need to start working on your saber skills." 

Crystal nodded at the man she had been getting to know, and knew that no matter how crazy he seemed to be, he knew what he was talking about. It took a while to get the trust between them, but once she had it, things started flowing better. 

"This time we will fight, and I'll teach you some things about my fighting style. Every Jedi needs to develop their own style, but my style will give you some basics for it." 

Crystal walked with her new Master as they started towards the training room. 

"Here we will start with the basics, your footwork. You need to know how to defend, and attack. Without both, your fighting style won't really matter. When I attack, I want you to block my attack, and return one of your own." 

"I believe I understand." 

Daxan's saber hissed to life, as he walked towards the young woman. Crystal instinctly ignited the saber she was holding. 

"We will start out very slow, and just work on your foot work, and blocking. Remember, use the Force, but don't let it take control of you." 

Crystal nodded, and blocked Daxans first strike as she took a step back, and then moved forward two steps, and struck her own, as Daxan blocked.

"Good, very good." Daxan laughed as he took a step forward to attack again. Crystal met the attack and then took steps forward to attack again. "Now, when you step forward, I want you to turn to your side, so I don't have so much of you to hit." 

Crystal nodded, and stepped forward turning to her right to attack. Her saber met Daxans and Daxan pushed back on her saber. Crystal didn't budge. "See that's why you stand to your side, I can't knock you off balance that way." Daxan started to laugh again. Something Crystal started to get used to, Daxans laughing would grind on most peoples nerves, if they didn't get to know him better. "Now, block both my hits... I will strike twice this time." 

Daxan stepped forward turning to his left, and stuck out at Crystal. Crystal's saber flew up blocking the first strike, then suddenly the saber moved, and Crystal saw where the next strike was going and blocked it as well. Crystal smiled at her Master as he suddenly struck again, contacting his saber with her shoulder. 

"Ouch... Dang it.." Crystal turned off the saber and grabbed her arm, feeling the burn from the saber which had lightly cut through her clothing, and burned her skinned slightly. 

"Never trust your opponent, remeber to keep you mind on the force. Let it guide you, not control you." Daxan smiled at Crystal and noticed that she hadn't let her shoulder go. "You can heal that with the force as well." 

Crystal looked puzzled at him. "Heal a burn with the force?" 

"Yes, of course. The force is in everything around you and in you. It can heal, and it can push, it can pull, and it can lift. As well as MANY other things." Daxan smiled at her. "Just control the force to soothe the wound. It may not make it heal all the way, but it will make the pain go away."

Crystal closed her eyes, and let the pain escape from the wound, letting the force go through her. She opened her eyes, and reignited the saber. 

"Guess that means you are ready to keep going?" 

Without a word Crystal struck out with the saber, as Daxan blocked it without effort. "Good ... good... " Daxan began to cackle. "But remember never to strike in anger. Always control your emotions. Just as you control the force. Anger is the way to the dark side. " As he stated the obvious to the girl who had lived with Night Sisters he began to laugh even harder. "Of course you already know that... " he chuckled out loud, as his laugh turned into a cackle, and he began to choke slightly. Daxan's saber forced back against Crystals and he continued the attack, as Crystal blocked. 

"I do know, it's the reason I never felt at home there. Anger didn't have anything to do with me. Only feelings of sorrow, and want." Crystal struck at the man again, as he blocked again, with very little effort. 

"Clear your mind, and control the force when you fight. See what is going to happen next, and react." Daxan again pushed back and struck back at Crystal. Crystals saber was there to meet his. "Looks like I don't have to teach you much here." Daxan laughed again as he pushed back. "Now... Let's start adding in some of your own style." 

"What do you mean?" Crystal asked as she blocked Daxans next strike and slightly moved to her left, taking a couple steps back. 

"Well, before when we were in here, you let the force take control of you. And were able to block with very little, if any effort." 

"But I didn't control that. It was automatic." 

"That's right, if you control those actions though. Your style won't ever wear you out, when it comes to blocking." Daxan struck again, as Crystal met his saber. "Besides, it looks so lovely to see you dance with a saber." 

Crystal only nodded as she returned the attack. 

"Okay, don't let the force control you, but feel the same rhythm that you had before. But keep your mind from wandering." 

Crystal blocked the strike that came at her, as her feet started to move in a pattern. 

"Good... Very good Crystal." Daxan looked at her, and noticed that she started to wander off. "Crystal. Stay with me, and keep focus on me." 

"Of course." Crystal snapped out of it, but her feet continued to move very fluidly. Blocking Daxans strikes. 

Daxan continued to strike nice and slowly, keeping rhythm with her steps. 

Crystal felt her mind starting to wander on the dances of the Night Sisters, and then pulled it back to what she was doing. 

"Strike at me Crystal." Daxan called out as he continued to strike. Crystal stopped her fluid movements and stuck out at Daxan, just as Daxan struck at Crystal. Their sabers met in a lock and Daxan smiled at her, as he flipped his wrist striking at her. He felt the saber as it struck her in the leg. 

Crystal didn't make a sound, but Daxan could see the tear in her eye, as she started fluidly moving again, blocking the next strike. 

"You are learning well." Daxan started to cackle. Crystal heard his cackle and smiled to herself as she used the force to stop the pain. "Strike at me again." Daxan called out to her. 

Crystal's fluid movements stopped again, striking out at Daxan, once again her saber met his, and his wrist flipped. Crystal saw it before it happened, but wasn't quick enough to get to it. She felt the burn of the saber, and the slight hissing sound it made as it hit her in the side. Her entire body cringed as she felt the burn. Then her mind settled it down as her feet begun their fluid movements again. 

"You still have much to learn, Crystal. But for now we'll stop." Daxan shut off his saber, as he saw something on Crystal's face that he wouldn't forget. Her saber struck his arm as his went dead. 

"That was a bit mean." Daxan started to laugh slightly as he read what was on her face, and her saber went out. "You realize you are as easy to read as a book, right?" 

"What do you mean?" Crystal pondered as she put the saber back on the shelf. 

"Well, when I looked into your eyes, I saw everything you were thinking." 

"How?" Crystal walked over to him and sat down, as she began to nurse her wounds. 

"The force is a powerful ally, but if you don't protect yourself, then everyone who uses it can read everything you are thinking." 

"How do I protect myself?" 

"It's easy." Daxan responded and paused for a second. "But I'm not going to teach it to you, till right before your training is over. So I can see everything you are thinking, so you can't get me like that anymore." Daxan began to laugh uncontrollably. 

"Sounds fair." Crystal said with a glint in her bright crystal blue eyes. 

"Of course it's fair. I need some kind of edge on you. You may be better than me soon." Daxan started to cackle again as he walked out of the room. "I'm gonna get some rest. I suggest you to do so also." 

Crystal went to her rather large room and layed down. Closing her eyes, and began to dream. 
"Crystal... " the voice was different than any that she had previously heard. "Crystal....." She felt the coldness running through her. "Crystal...." 

"Who... who is it?"

"Someone you don't know, but will soon enough." The voice began to trail through her mind.

The loud scream woke up Daxan in his room. 

"What's wrong?" Daxan asked as he stood in Crystal's door in just his undergarments,as he put a robe around himself. 

"I... I ... I.. don't know.... " Crystal's entire body was shaking as if she was freezing. Her teeth chattering. 

"You look like you are freezing." Daxan walked over to her and put the cover around her. 

"I...I...I... feel... so ... cold..." Crystal took a deep breath. 

"Let the force warm you." Daxan for the first time didn't have a crooked smile on his face. 

Crystal closed her eyes. Feeling the warmth of the cover, letting the force flow through her. 

"Feeling better?" Daxan asked. 

"Yes, ... I think I am..." Crystal teeth had stopped chattering, but her body still shook. 

"You have much to learn, including many things I can't teach you." Daxan was saddened, and Crystal could feel the sadness. 

"Don't worry about what you can't teach me. Just teach me what you can." 

"Deal." Daxan said as he went back to his room.

The days past by, faster and faster, as they are customed to do, Crystal continued her studies into the force, learning everything that she could from Daxan. 

Months went by and yet Crystal still hadn't been able to get the hang of attacking someone. It was as if something inside of her was against the attacks, thus messing up her movement, and her grace. Their duels lasted hours at this time, Daxan had been using his full force, trying to show Crystal the reason that she couldn't just defend. Yet he only tended to wear himself out. 

"One day, you will meet an opponent that you can't deflect everything they throw at you, and you will have to kill, or be killed." Daxan grinned at the girl, as he hit his saber, turning it off. 

"When that day comes, I suppose I'll have to change my style, but until then, it would seem that you can't improve on it." Crystal noticed that she lashed out at him with her words. "My apologies, I didn't mean it in that way." 

Daxan laughed, "it's okay, I've actually been waiting for you to surpass me, looks like that day may have come, where it comes to saber fighting. You have constantly blocked every single attack, and no longer let the force take you over. Your style is very unique, and seems to block every single move I was ever taught. When you meet someone who can hit you, I only hope it is in a friendly fight, for I fear for you that you will be killed." 

"So, what's next on our list?" Crystal questioned him as she sat on one of the rocks in the garden. 

"Your training is nearly complete, guess it's time you start working on a light saber." Daxan began to cackle. "I can't wait to see what you will craft." He started to walk towards a door that Crystal never opened. "Everything we need is right here." 

Daxan opened the door, as Crystal caught up with him. When she looked in, she saw many chunks of metal, as well as crystals that were all perfectly cut. 

"Your first saber will probably take some time, and since you have to pound out your own metal, and shape it by hand, it'll take even longer, but once you are done, it will be yours. This is the only way I can allow you to have a lightsaber, for if you don't do it yourself, it will never really become a part of you. Remember when you are making it that it needs to be hidden, as well as it needs to match your style, your grace, your elegance, as well as your beauty." Daxan laughed as he turned on the light in a room close by. "This is wear you will use the tools to make your saber. I suggest you start immediately, it will take some time. I'll help, but it has to be all done by you, I'm only here as a guide." 

Crystal looked at all the parts that were in front of her, then back over to Daxan. "What all do I need?" 

"You will need to craft a handle, one that will hold everything you need. You will need a power source, at least one Force Crystal, a lens, and a few other things. As well as a schematic, that you need to draw out what the saber is going to look like, so you know what to follow." 

Crystal smiled and sat down, asked to see one of the practice sabers, and started to draw out what her saber should look like. 

Daxan showed Crystal how to pound out metal, as well as how to shape it and form it in the ways that she would need it to be shaped. After getting her comfortable with all the tools, Daxan almost disappeared, leaving her to her task. 

Several months passed as Crystal pounded out the metal, molding it to what she wanted it to look like, making it everything that she hoped it would be, letting the force guide her as she did it. The handle had to be first, and that was the one thing she continued to work on. Bending the metal with the hot fires of the oven, she pounded on it, making it take the form she wanted. The echos of the hammering could be heard throughout the building, night and day, or so it seemed to Daxan who couldn't seem to sleep because of it. Time continued to get faster, as the pounding continued until the day that Crystal walked out of the room with the words. "Master Daxan, I got the handle done." 

"Just the handle?" Daxan started to laugh as hard as he could, nearly choking himself as he regained his posture. "You've been in there for several months." 

"Wait a minute, I slept from time to time, and even ate. It's not like I was in there for the entire time." 

"Might as well have been. So, where's this miraculous handle that takes a month to build?" Daxan looked Crystal up and down. 

"Can't you see it?" Crystal asked with a slight grin on her face. 

"hmmmmmmm" Daxan whispered to himself as he approached Crystal, looking her up and down, and slipping his head into the room. "Doesn't look like I can see it, is it on you?" 

"Yes it is." Crystal's smirk turned into a smile. 

"Well then, why don't you point it out, since I'm obviously a blind old man." Daxan once again laughed at her, shrugging his shoulders. 

Crystals hand moved down to her side, and grabbed what appeared to be a rope of the inner robes. "It's right here." 

"A rope?" Daxan smirked as he started to look closer. Suddenly his cackle and laughter stopped as his mouth dropped open. "Crystal, not only is that the most perfect handle I've ever seen, but it is a work of art." Daxan held out his hand. "May I?" 

Crystal clipped it off her belt, and handed it to her Master. 

"A piece of work indeed." Daxan looked it over with a keen eye, checking for any faults in the work, yet finding none. "The Force has lead you to create the finest handle I have ever seen." daxan put his fingers inside of the long tube moving them around. "Very smooth, the mirror reflection of the metal will do nicely as a focus. It looks just like a black rope, I am very impressed Crystal. Now we need to finish it." 

Crystal looked at her Master, "Should I chose a crystal, and lens and everything else then?" 

"Yes, you should, and spend as much time as you need to to get it together." 

Crystal sat down on the floor next to the closet door, where the crystals for the sabers sat. She put her hands over the crystals, then picked up each one with her eyes closed, feeling the crystal, not only with her fingers, but with the force. She picked up a crystal, and felt something special about it, not sure what it was she opened her eyes and looked at it. 

"Nice color." Daxan laughed right behind Crystal slightly startling her. "Matches your eyes perfectly." 

"Yes it does, and it is speaking to me, I think." Crystal smiled as she placed the crystal on top of the letting it slip into it. "Perfect fit too." 

Daxan laughed as he took a few steps back to give her room to get up. 

"You can pick more than one, if you like." Daxan smiled, knowing that she wouldn't. 

"I think this will do it, now for the rest." Crystal went through each element of her saber taking her time to feel not with her fingers, but with the force. After picking up the components she shrugged at her Master. "Help me put the rest of it together?" 

"Sure, why not. I think you know what it means to do it on your own. I'll just tell you how to do it." Daxan followed Crystal into the room letting her finish the saber. 

"Well, turn it on." Daxan laughed as he lit his own saber. 

Crystals eyes looked at Daxan as the blade came to life for the first time, making her eyes glow as if they themselves were on fire. As the saber ignited it came to a clash with Daxan's. 

"Very nice... Very nice in deed my lovely padawan. You are on your way to becoming a Knight." Daxan's laughter echoed throughout the garden. "I feel that one day, you will be very powerful. I only hope it is for good."

Crystal went to bed that night, proud of what she created she laid it beside her as she slept. The saber had been her first accomplishment that she actually felt that it was hers. 

Her eyes grew heavy as she fell into a deep sleep. 


"Crystal? You have done well. Your skills are nearly complete. You should serve me very well." 

The voice shook through her veins as a cold stiff wind, chilling her to the bone once again. She felt the need to awaken, but something had held onto her, not letting her free. 

"You will search me out, you will find me, and obey my will." 

She felt her bones as they iced over from the cold feelings that ran through her veins. 

"I will have...." 

Suddenly she started to feel some warmth in her blood. As the coldness started to fade away. 

"You have been freed from the darkness that you have been battling, and you will find your destiny." 

The new voice was kind, and warming. She felt as if she was covered by a large blanket of faith, faith in what this new voice had said. 

Her eyes began to open, she licked her lips and then opened them. 

"I will find my destiny." 

Daxan's voice came right back at her. "I am sure you will." 

Startled she jumped up from the bed, looking at the door. 

"How long have you been there?" 

"Long enough to know that I can't teach you anything more." 

"Are you saying I should leave?" Crystal got up from the bed, and pulled on her robe. 

"I'm saying there is no reason to stay." Daxan laughed as he looked her back in the eyes. "Remember our deal?" 

"Yes, you would teach me what I need to know, in return, I'd allow you to wipe my memory of where you are." 

"That's right. I think the time has come. But first, I have something for you." 

With that Daxan took Crystal out into another room. 

"Your training is almost complete, and what you have left, I can't help you with. However, before putting you out on your own, I'd like to give you somethings." Daxan opened a large closet in the room, where Crystal could see all different inner and outter robes. "I want you to take a few, they should come in handy." 

Crystal went through the closet pulling out a few outer robes, but finding a cape that she preferred. Daxan left as he waited for her to change into one of the robes. 

Crystal stepped out of the room in pitch black inner robes, and a fluffy white outter cape, with a hood. 

"By the Force, you came to me as a mere child, and are leaving me as a beautiful woman." Daxan looked her over, and handed her some black boots. "I beleive these will help you, and they match your outfit." 

"Yes they do. So... How are you going to wipe my memory?" 

"Easy, I'll take you to the Sandia Empire where I'll make a few deals, and get you a small ship. Once you have the ship, I will wipe your memory of me, and slip away into the night." 

"Sounds like a good deal to me." 

"Yes it does." Daxan smiled at her as he handed her a stack of imperial credits. "These should help also." 

"I believe they will." Crystal smiled as she followed him to the ship, taking along several different robes, and her lightsaber. 

Daxan took over the piloting of the ship, and left the confines of the building. Crystal looked out of the window, and watched as it got smaller and smaller, until it was no longer visible, and then could see nothing but the gases of the giant. The ship shook as it went through the atmosphere, and straightened out once out of it. 

"I can't believe you are already 20 years old Crystal. Seems like such a short time ago, when I picked you up." 

Crystal smiled as Daxan punched in the hyperspace coordinates, and they leaped into the streams of light. It didn't take long to get to their destination, and Daxen landed the ship at a space dock near Sandia city, the capitol of Sandia. Daxen got out of the ship, made some deals with the locals, and then came back to Crystal. 

"I have the ship, follow me." 

Crystal did as he asked, and they started towards a small ship, one that seemed somewhat familiar to her, but wasn't sure why. 

"Relax Crystal." Daxans voice echoed through her mind as well as her ears. Daxan reached up and touched her by her ear. "Relax Crystal." Daxan began to concentrate on the memories in her mind, searching through them, erasing everything about him, but nothing about the training she recieved. "Relax Crystal" his voice became so soothing, so wonderfully soothing, Crystal felt her knees become weak. "Relax...." it began to turn into a whisper. As Daxan reached the end of the memories of himself, he started to pull away. "Crystal..... Relax..." He heard the words come out, yet did not say them. His mind began to weaken, he felt himself losing control. "NO!... not now...." He felt himself losing control, the memories of her entire liftetime slipping through his fingers. Suddenly he felt himself blacking out..... "Relax Crystal..." Crystal felt her entire body go limp as she passed out near the ship. 


"Ma'am... Ma'am..." 

Crystal heard the voice, but couldn't even figure out where she was. She opened her eyes slowly as she saw the young man leaning over her. 

"Ma'am, you okay?" 

"Yeah, I think so. Please, call me Crystal." 

"Okay, Crystal... Would you like to take your ship out now? If not, I'll have to charge you for the time on your ship staying in dock." 

"My ship?" 

"Yeah, your ship... some man bought it, and said it was yours, and to make sure you got off to a good start." 

"A man?" 

"Yeah, he paid me a lot of credits to make sure I got you going." 

Crystal didn't have the slightest idea who the man was, not why he'd be giving her a ship, but yet she also didn't know where she came from, nor what she was doing here. 

"Yeah... How much to stay?" 

"50 credits Ma'am, and for that, I'll make sure she's running good for you." 

Crystal searched her pockets, as she found a stack of credits. "Here's 75 credits, make sure it works well, and give me a map of where I am please." 

"For that, I'll upload a galactic map for you." The young man took the credits and began his work on the ship, as Crystal walked out of the Starport in a daze.

Confusion, complete and total confusion. Crystals mind was spinning as if someone had thrown her around, and took everything she knew from her. 

"Ma'am, I've told you before. You can either drink or eat something, but you can't just sit here." 

"I'm sorry. I'll take whatever you say is best to eat. And give me something soft to drink." 

"Yes Ma'am." 

Crystal sat staring at the mirror.. Looking through herself, searching herself for something, anything. 

"Ma'am... Ma'am? Here's your food." 

Crystal shook her head and took the food from the man. Something didn't seem quite right. In fact nothing seemed quite right. She started to eat the food. She felt a presence enter the area. A cold shiver went through her body, standing the small hairs on her arms up. She looked over at the man as he entered. 

"Hey... How are you Charles?" 

The mans voice was very friendly, but something seemed wrong. 

"Who's this pretty woman here, Charles?" 

Crystal looked over at him as he sat next to her. 

"Crystal... Crystal Roshia." 

"Good to meet you, Crystal. My name is Jaiden Xaier." 

"A pleasure I'm sure, Jaiden." 

"Are you okay?" Jaiden looked into her eyes as he asked, not knowing exactly what he was looking for. 

"I'm... " Crystal trailed off as she searched the force for some guidance on what to do. 

"You're?" Jaiden smiled at her. 

"I'm fine. Really I am." Crystal continued to stare directly into the mirror, seeing him and herself at the same time, as she continued to eat. 

"May I ask what you are doing all the way out here on Sandia?" 

"If I could, I would." 

"Secret ops huh?" Jaiden smirked at the woman. 

"Not that I know of." Crystal snapped back almost as quickly, as she finished her meal. She turne to her left looking him straight in the eyes. "I don't know why I am here. All I know is, it's time for me to go." 

Crystal walked out of the Club and started towards the starport. She felt the presense of the man following her. 

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you." 

"You didn't ... Goodbye." 

"Why in such a hurry to leave then?" 

"I have no reason to stay. Please stop following me." Crystal felt the cold shivers running through her veins like small rivers of ice. 

"I really didn't mean to offend, I am sorry." Jaiden continued to follow her, out of curiosity of what she was doing there. 

"And I am not offended, now stop following me." Crystal's voice began to get deep, echoing on it's own accord. 

"May I ask where you are going?" 

As Jaiden spoke Crystal stopped and turned around looking him dead in the eyes. Her hand moved swiftly back pulling her saber from her belt, and igniting it at the same time. As it flung toward Jaiden it met his saber, deflecting it. 

"I truly meant no offense. But it would seem that, that does not matter to you." Jaiden looked at her crystal blue eyes, as he dropped back on his foot, unlocking the sabers. 

Jaiden began to walk around Crystal, looking to ensure what her next move would be. 

"For the last time, I am not offended by your comments, I am offended by you following me." Crystal struck at the man once again, as he blocked it, and released. 

"You know, if you keep striking at me, I may have to defend myself." Jaiden could quite get a hold on her. She was neither light nor dark. Her emotions were as blunt as her words. "I don't mean you any harm." 

"Then you will stop following me." Crystal backed up off of him. 

"I will." Jaiden backed up and turned his saber off. 

Crystal nodded as her saber turned off. "Good day to you." 

"Good day to you also. Crystal Lost." Jaiden turned around and started back toward the club. 

"What do you mean Lost?" 

"I mean simply what I said.. You are lost. It's as if you have lost your way and don't know where to go." 

"How do you know that?" 

"I can feel your emotions, they hit me like a sledge hammer with every strike, with every word." 

"What do you mean by lost?" 

"I mean, you don't know what to believe nor what side you follow." 

"Side?... what do you mean side?" 

"Light side, or the Dark side of the Force. You have knowledge of both, yet was not taught the use of either." 

Crystal started to follow Jaiden back to the club, confused yet again. 

"Now look who's following who." 

"My apologies. It would seem that I have no knowledge of my past. I woke up here, at the starport. With credits in my pockets, and a young boy telling me that I have a ship that was bought by some man. Please, tell me of what you know." 

"Sounds like you are in a bad way." Jaiden stopped and turned to face Crystal. "I will show you the Light side of the Force. Well, what I know of it. But you will need to seek out a Master. Someone who can teach you what you need to know to avoid the dark side." 

"Why avoid the Dark Side?" 

"Because if you don't avoid the Dark Side, you are sure to be evil. Let's start with the basic principles of the Light side." 

Crystal nodded and followed Jaiden to his house.

Jaidens home was quite spetacular. It was a large house with many rooms, and a large courtyard in the center of the home. As they entered she noticed that everything in the house seemed to be older. 

"How long have you lived here?" 

"For quite some time now. I don't exactly remember when we came here, but it was when I was young. My father brought us here to escape from trouble he was in. I was trained to be a Jedi by him, here in this house." 

Crystal looked around the house and back at Jaiden. 

"Where do we begin?" 

"First, I'd like to get to know you." 

"Afraid I can't help there." Crystal shrugged her shoulders at him as she found a place to sit. 

Jaiden looked over at her. 

"If you can't trust me, I can't train you." 

Crystal smirked at the young man. 

"It would seem that I don't know me." 

"Nothing at all?" Jaiden wasn't sure what to think of this beautiful woman who obviously knew the force rather well. 

"All I know is my name is Crystal, and I have an instinctive ability with this." Crystal pulled off her lightsaber and sat it down on the table. 

Jaiden picked up the saber and ignited it, watching Crystals actions. He was surprised by her calmness, he thought for sure that igniting her saber would stir up some emotion. 

"Good to see that you trust me." He said as he turned the saber off. "Very nice craftsmenship, did you make it?" 

"I'm not..." Crystal began but something began to echo through her mind, a knock, a loud bang. She could see herself working on something, banging it with a hammer. "I... think I did actually." 

"Getting something back then?" 

"Just an image.... nothing more." 

"That's something to start with." 

Crystal sat back and smiled.

Her image continued to give her a blank stare back into her blue eyes. Getting lost into them she felt herself flowing free with the Force. Looking deeper into her own eyes, watching the dark circle of her pupils. Her mind took off taking her to a place she had never seen. 

"Crystal Roshia.... " The voice was familiar, but not recognizable. "You are searching long and hard through a universe that is unkind to those like you." 

Her image began to fade as an image of a deserted world began to fill the mirror. She felt her hand reach out toward the mirror as she felt the cold presense of the mirror the vision began to break apart. 

"Crystal, are you ready for today's lesson?" 

"I thought we were done with lessons, Jaiden." Crystal turned to see him standing in her doorway. 

"We are done with training, but we learn lessons everyday." Jaiden smiled as he turned and walked out to the courtyard of the house. "Today's lesson is, open your mind to whatever you may learn." 

Crystal smiled. "I've learned everything that you can teach I believe." 

"Perhaps, but you haven't learned to keep that mouth of yours shut yet." 

With a small laugh Crystal stood from the floor and made her way into the courtyard. "You know, silence is over rated." 

"But the one who stays silent, gives their enemies reasons to pause." 

"Those who have nothing to say, should never speak." Crystal smiled, "Perhaps that is why you hardly say a word." 

Jaiden glanced over Crystals eyes, licked his lips, and ignited his saber. 

"Once again you avoid opening your mouth, and opened your saber instead." Crystals saber unclipped from her belt and in one solid motion ignited, glancing the blade into her eyes. As she finished speaking her blade met Jaidens. "A bit ansy today aren't you?" 

"Just teaching today's lesson, my darling little girl." 

"And what is the lesson? You never did say." 

"That is the listen, banter while fighting can only mean someones death." 

"Hopefully it's the other persons death." Crystal white teeth shined as her lips opened with a large smile. 

"It may be, but you can intimidate your opponent better by not saying a word." 

"You have yet to prove that." Crystals saber struck out at Jaiden to meet his own. 

"If you could stop trying to get the last word, and stop talking perhaps we could" 

"You are the one who want's the last word my dear sir." 

Jaiden shook his head, and bit his tongue as he continued the now silent fight. 

Both of them flew back and forth at each other, almost as if they were dancing. Crystals style with the saber enjoyed the dance, taking over her body causing her feet to move, and her mind starting to wander. 

"Do not let the Force take control." Jaiden's voice spoke through her mind. 

"I know that, Jaiden. And you are still looking for the last word." 

"Is it considered the last word, when it's not spoken?" 

"Yes, now shut up." 

Jaiden laughed as their blades continued to dance. 

Jaiden's blade died, then likewise so did Crystals. 

"Somehow you always end up with the last word." Jaiden smiled as he put his saber away. "Both on and off the battlefield." 

Crystal smiled. "I am a woman, shouldn't we always get what we want." 

"To a point, yes." Jaiden laughed. "Then again, I would never want to tick you off." 

Crystal shook her head. 

"I believe it's time for you to find your path." Jaiden walked toward Crystal. "It's been a delight having you here, but as you have said, I've taught you what I could. It has been nearly two years since you came here, I think it's time to move on." 

Crystal nodded. "I believe I know where I need to go next." 

"Where is that?" 

"Not exactly sure, but I"m sure the Force will lead me there. Thanks to you." Crystal put on her outter robe as she started to pack her belongings. 

"Thanks for the pick me up, but I'm sure it would have guided you where you need to go." 

"It did, right into your hands." Crystal halfway smiled. "The last two years has been nice for not knowing anything about my past. Thank you for making my first real memories good ones." 

"It was my pleasure Crystal. Perhaps when you figure things out, I'll see you again." 

"Perhaps, if the Force leads me back here again." 

"I am sure it will."

"Hey, I was drinking that." The voice raised above the rest of the bar, which was a bit unusual considering all the noise. 

"It was an accident sir." The dark mans voice was soft and cold. 

"Replace it, or replace your teeth." The burly man rose from his chair grabbing him by his neck. 

"I will replace your drink, but I suggest you release me." 

"Or what?" 

"I may be forced to make you." 

A roaring laughter drowned out all other noises in the bar. 

"I'd like to see that." The burly man said as he rose him off the floor. 

With a wave of his hand and a soft spoken word the burly man dropped him to the floor. With a gracefull step he walked backward and flipped a coin to the tender. 

"Once again, my apologies, I did not see your drink." The man walked over to a booth after picking up his own drink and sat. 

Crystal had been watching the entire situation, and came to the conclusion that the man was either a Jedi, or very persuasive. 

"Hello." Crystals light sweet voice rung through his ears. 

"Hello there beautiful." the man waved his hands motioning for her to sit across from him. Crystal excepted and sat down. 

"From your situation I'd have to say that you are a Jedi, but you look more like a scoundrel." 

"Guess I'd be a scoundrel of a Jedi then, huh?" 

"I'd say yes... but I've seen some people talk their way out of things faster than you." 

"I didn't feel like talking." The man sat back further into the booth, placing his hand on his blaster. 

"And you didn't feel like fighting either. You seem to know your way with a blaster." 

"What makes you think that, lady?" 

"You hand rests on your blaster as if it is the only comfort you have. And the scars on your hands suggest either an imperial marking, or scars from a saber fight, suggesting you aren't very good with a saber." 

The man sat back up at the table. 

"You know a lot for a pretty lady. Are you perhaps a Jedi yourself?" 

"If I was, why would I tell anyone. Especially a stranger I don't even know the name of." 

"My name is Ziven Xavier. May I ask yours?" 

"My name is Crystal Roshia, it is good to meet you. Do you perhaps know where I can find a Master Jedi?" 

"I do, but you'll never get to him. Besides, what do you need with a Master? You seem like someone who can handle herself." 

"Perhaps I can, but I have a few problems." 

"Such as?" 

"That is a bit personal don't you think?" 

"I suppose it is. So, what do I get if I show you a way of getting to a Jedi Master?" 

"Nothing, I don't have anything to offer." 

"Nothing for something.. I don't think so. But if you like you can join me in some scoundrel activity. It should be fun." 

"Scoundrel as in murder, or as in theft?" Crystal gave him a crossed stare as he looked her back dead in the eyes. 

"Does it realy matter? If so, you probably don't want to hang out with me." 

"It does matter, but I don't think I want to hang with you anyway." 

Ziven shrugged his shoulders as he scooted out of the booth. 

"Then it was nice to meet you Crystal." 

"I'd say the same, but you haven't given me a reason to." 

Ziven laughed as he walked away. 

"What a waste of skills." She thought to herself as she scooted out heading back to the starport where her Naboo fighter was. 

"Stop!" the command came from behind her. 

"May I be of service?" she asked as she pivoted around to face the one giving the command. 

"By order of the Empire we must scan, and confiscate your ship." 

"You may scan it, but why would you need to confiscate it?" 

"You were seen talking to a known smuggler, and that is enough to keep you here on this planet." 

Crystal looked into the blacked out eyes of the trooper. Waving her hand slightly to the side she spoke. "You do not need to confiscate my ship." 

"Yes Ma'am we do, just until you have been cleared from all piracy acts or rebellious acts against the Empire." 

Crystal looked around the trooper to see four more troopers standing at ready. 

"Am I free to stick around the city?" 

"Yes Ma'am. Do what you wish, but we will be watching." 

"Thank you, and take good care of my ship, I need it to get off this rock." 

"It will be in the hands of the Empire, what more insurance do you need?" 

Crystal didn't answer that question, she knew no matter what she said, it would come out as sarcastic and pointless. "Stupid Troopers" she whispered under her breath. 

"What was that Ma'am" 

"I said, sounds super." Crystal rolled her eyes as she walked back to the Cantina that she had been at before, and took a seat at the bar. Noticing many more troopers in the bar now, than there was before. 

"Give me something that will help me forget this place." 

"This should do it." The tender stated as he sat a glass in front of her filling it with a bluegreen substance.

"Give me another..." Crystal said as she topped off her second glass. 

"Ma'am, I wouldn't give most people the second glass. I can't give you a third." 

"I don't even feel anything." 

"You will.." The tender smiled as he watched Crystal get up from her chair and hit the floor in the same instance. 


"You okay?" The mans voice came in muffled. Crystal started to open her eyes. "You there?" 

"oh... my aching head." Crystal rose from where she was lying. Suddenly she realized that she was in a room. 

"Where am I?" Her soft voice was enough to pierce the mans ear. 

"You are in my room." Ziven handed her a glass of water. 

"What am I doing in YOUR room?" She insisted. 

"Well, when I walked back through the cantina, after my meeting, I was told you had hit the floor like a rock. I told the bar tender that I'd take care of you. So I brought...." 

"YOU... your the reason I'm stuck on this stupid planet. If it hadn't been for talking to you I'd be off this rock heading... well somewhere else." 

"So... I brought you back here, and layed you in bed. Thought you could use the sleep." 

"Where are my robes?" Crystal demanded as she rose from the bed holding the sheet up. 

"The staff here, undressed you, and washed your clothing. They will be returning it shortly. For now, call for breakfast, or whatever else you need. And I'll take on the burden of paying for it." 

Crystal stopped for a moment and looked around the room, after her blood stopped flowing through her veins she looked over at the table next to her, hwere her saber sat. 

"The staff found it hanging from your robes, they almost through it in, thinking it was part of the rope... They brought it right back, and it's been sitting there since." Ziven explained. 

***Knock... Knock*** "Droid service" 

"Come in!" Crystal yelled. The doors slid open and the droid walked into the room. 

"Your clothing Ma'am, and Sir. thank you for staying with us." he hung the robes on a hook and left the room. 

"I'll let you get dressed, you can meet me outside the space port. The troopers and I had a chat, and they have released your ship." Ziven made his way out of the room, grabbing his robes from the stack of clothing. "You really ought to get some extra clothes. " He stated as the door shut behind him.

After getting up, dressed and meditating, hoping her head would clear, Crystal walked out to the space port. 

"Good Morning Beautiful!!" Ziven smiled at her as he screamed at her, knowing her head must be pounding. 

"Well, thanks for getting my ship released, even though it was you that got it confiscated to start with." 

"Once again, my apologies, I didn't mean to get you stuck here. And in return for the extra day here." Ziven handed her a datapad. "That will get you to someone who can teach you the ways of the force. But once again, I offer you the chance to join me in a small adventure, and I can teach you a few things myself." 

"I dont know, you seem to be a bit on the rotten side, to teach me much." 

"You'd be surprised what a man on borders of the light and dark knows, and can teach" 

"Where are you heading?" 

"Well, not sure yet, but I'll know soon where I'll be going. I'm still waiting on word of a shipment." 

"Perhaps I will follow you, I don't want to get my ship reconfiscated." 

"Sounds good to me, we can start with some lessons once we get there." 

As Ziven finished his sentence a short man in a dark outfit walked up to him and whispered something to Ziven in a language Crystal didn't understand. "Sounds good to me." Ziven finally said as he turned back to Crystal. "Looks like we are heading to Naboo." Ziven took a small data pad from the man and punched in a few things. "Ready?" 

"Sure. What city should we meet in?" 

"Well, we'll meet in Keren. Our destination is Theed, but there will be to much security in the spaceport there. I have a message for the queen that must be delivered to her as soon as possible." 

"Okay, then I'll meet you in Keren."

Keren Spaceport 

The weather was perfect. Awestruck Crystal stood at the entrance of the Starport, looking at the rolling green hills, the grass blowing with the wind, the pure crystal blue water reflected perfectly in her eyes. The sounds of the peko peko's chant came around from the distance, with a glance over her shoulder she watched as the giant bird like creture flew through the sky and into the distance. Naboo wasn't the most friendly of places anymore, but it was one of the most beautiful. 

"Hey." Zivens voice broke the peace that she had gotten lost into. "Over this way, we need to grab a couple of speeder bikes, and head our way to Theed." 

"Speeder bikes?" Crystal hadn't been on one as far as she could remember, but had seen them from time to time. "How far is theed?" 

"I'd say about 2,700 clicks, give or take some." 

Crystal nodded as Ziven bought two speeders. "You've been on one of these before right?" 

"Not sure, but I'm sure it'll be fine." 

"Well, with Jedi reflexes, I wouldn't doubt that you would be fine, but a few things you may want to know. This lever is to put the speeder into full thrust, don't hit it unless you feel comfortable with the full throttle to start with. This button is the starter. Your throttle is on the right, and brakes are on the left. Ready?" 

Without a word, Crystal hit the starter and smiled. "Which way?" 

Ziven laughed as he pointed towards the north west and started his own bike. Both bikes shot off into the direction of Theed. 

Crystal's mind started to drift off of the piloting of the rather simple speeder bike, as she looked over the landscape, watching as the horizon constantly changed. From trees, to rivers, to a few lakes from time to time. It seemed all the water here on Naboo was as clear blue as her eyes were. Almost felt at home here. Crystal stopped her wandering as she noticed a tree comming straight at her, she flipped the bike to the right, and hit the thruster to catch up with Ziven who had been concentrating on getting to Theed. She pulled up beside him and shut down the booster, and came to a steady speed with him. 

"So, what's this message you have for the Queen?" 

"Don't know." Ziven looked over at her as she stayed with his constant speed. "I'm a delivery boy, not a snoop." He smiled as his hand reached down hitting the booster. Crystal in turn hit hers and before she knew it they were racing to get to Theed. 

Outskirts of Theed 

The two bikes came in from the South of the large city. One of the shuttleports became visible to Crystal as the bike continued towards the city. 

The landscape was just as beautiful near the large city as it was near the smaller cities they had passed through. The land looked clean cut, and nearly perfect to roll around in on a sunny day. As Crystals mind began to wander again, she noticed a bridge off in the distance. 

"You go ahead, I'll meet you in the cantina." Crystal shouted at Ziven, who in turn just nodded. 

Crystal took off toward the large bridge, and upon comming up to it, she stopped her bike, and walked up to the large bridge. Pondering on why it was so far out from the city, she started walking across it, seeing a glimpse of what she could only figure to be the starport. As she walked across the bridge she started feeling like she'd been there before. She shook her head to knock the fuzzy images out of her head. Looking over the bridge she saw her bike, then looked over into the water, watching the small fishes swimming. The water was so clear she could see every fish that swam beneath the bridge. So peaceful here, could make a person never want to leave. 

Theed Palace 

"Your majesty, there is a messenger outside, waiting to come in. Says he has a most urgent datapad for you. The troopers are trying to arrest him, what should we do?" 

"Let him in, and tell the troopers to get back to their posts. They are here to protect me, not keep my message from me." The young woman stood as she waved her personal guard to approach. 

"Your highness, I have a most urgent message for you." 

After being motioned to do so, the guard stepped down, and took the pad from Ziven. 

The guard placed the pad into the queens hands. 

After a few moments, the queen sighed, and then tears started rolling from her eyes. 

"You majesty, what is wrong?" 

"Nothing... Nothing is wrong." 

"Then why do you cry?" 

"These are tears of joy, not of sorrow, after all these years of fighting. All the deaths of millions of rebels, and imperials alike." 

Ziven stood in wonderment, without saying a word. 

"It's finally over, may the lands rejoice, the Emperor and his apprentice Lord Vader are dead. Long live the republic!" 

With the words from the queens mouth the entire palace errupted into loud cheers. 

"Let all those on Naboo know, the war is over, the Rebelion has won! This is truly a day for celebration!" 

As the message traveled down the corridor. The troopers being over powered by all the people. The shouts of joy over rang the palace, not a word spoken could be heard as the cheerful laughter, and the wonderful praises rang through the city from one side to the other. 

Theed Cantina 

Crystal had just sat down at the cantina, from her trip through a very fuzzy memory lane, as the message reached the front of the Cantina, and a Gungan walked into the cantina. "The warsa is over! It's weally over! Mesa going to party!" 

As the gungan got thrown out of the Cantina by one of the troopers fifty or so people trampled through the Cantina, walking directly over the troopers. All shouting at the top of their lungs. "The queen has gotten word that the War is over. The Emperor and Vader are dead! Long live the Republic!" 

Crystals heart couldn't help but jump from the spectacle. She felt the happiness and the glee of the entire galaxy, the now FREE galaxy. It was as if the word of the destruction of the Emperor brought a new hope with it. A hope of an entire galaxy of peace at last.