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I was sketching out a picture of Yoda walking with a Mystic from Dark Crystal. I played out the conversation in my head. It was a little like this...About 13 years before episode IV
Yoda "Returning home you are?
Mystic " Yes. The Chosen one has been born. I must raise and protect him."
Yoda " So, it was as we thought then? Skywalker, the chosen one he was not."
Mystic " No. We added Plagueis in Anikin's creation to keep the true one of prophecy secret."
Yoda " Thought something wrong there was. That power should no one have. "
Mystic " Oh my young friend, You have always been wise for one not made of the force. You were wise to trust your instincts. We were sorry to keep it from you for so long."
Yoda " Understand I do. Do what I can to help you I will. What is it you need?"
Mystic " Oh my good friend, What I need from you now is not easy to ask. I am afraid it will be far more difficult to do. You have already sacrificed one soul to save the Force. I must ask you to sacrifice another. It is important that the Emperor believe the chosen one is right before him."
Yoda " Much at stake there is. Speaking of one of the twins are you? Being the children of Skywalker would convince the Sith Lord. Arrogant the Sith are in the power of the dark side."
Mystic " You are indeed wise Master Yoda. The Sith have no idea that they were given their strength form the Skeksis. Nor do the understand all force comes from the crystal inside the castle on my world of Thra. We have waited long for the chosen one to restore the crystal. He must not fail."
Yoda " Appear it would, though the nature of the force we seek. It's history is hidden from us." " I will do ask you ask. Put into motion will I the series of events to distract the Sith and the Skeksis. how long need you?"
Mystic " 13 years. Then our suns will align. Then the crystal will be mended. Then we will be one again, and the force will be balanced once more."