Edged by the Empire (Star Wars FFG)


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I'm running an Edge of the Empire campaign titled Edged by the Empire for my son.

You can see some of the characters I drew for it on SWAG in this tag. (Yes, you guys. Tag your campaign names as well. It'll help in sorting them out.)

Check out the Edged by the Empire category on my blog for tales of the intrepid crew of the Lava Jaeger.

We began with the Beginner Game box set adventure Escape from Mos Shuuta.

  • Escape From Mos Shuuta - where Hondo Pash evades Teemo the Hutt's goons and steals the Krayt Fang and renames her Lava Jaeger.

Then we moved on the sequel of the adventure freely available on FFG's website Long Arm of the Hutt.

  • Rugged Road to the Ryll Mines Part 1 - with the appearance of Numa from Star Wars The Clone Wars as a Twi'lek Gunslinger.
  • Rugged Road to the Ryll Mines Part 2 - where Hondo and Numa thwart one of Teemo's operations on Ryloth.
  • Aggressive Negotiations - where Hondo and Numa proves to the Geonosians that Teemo would doublecross them after they send their shipment of illegal battle droids to him, and then learn that Hondo's little sister Yuzy is kidnapped by Teemo to draw him back to Tatooine.
  • Return to Mos Shuuta - where my old Team Sabredart character BU-77 (the official weekly Star Wars RPG campaign we played for over a year - GMed by Jorrigun) under the guise of "Giin Lawquane" joins the crew as they rescue Yuzy at Teemo the Hutt's palace on Tatooine.

The adventure continues during International Tabletop Day 2014 with a brand new adventure on Rodia with my brother-in-law as a guest player:

  • First Day on the Job - where Twi'lek Gheed Doombringer helps Hondo look for the stolen Lava Jaeger while Yuzy and Giin are away shopping in the shadowport known as Port Trammel on Rodia.

My son has important exams this coming months, so we'll be cutting down on games til they're over. The next episode I think there'll be an appearance by JawaStu's old character.