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Well, So I've been the GM of a Legacy Era Jedi campaign for seven years (in June) with the same core group. We've had so many adventures over this time I seriously don't know where to start, but all I know is that whenever I get together with groupmates and there are non-groupmates present, we begin the full regalia of our very checkered past in the campaign, some of it explicitly not-for-children, some of it R-rated, and a lot of it more focused around roleplaying and character time, than actually getting anything done (something I have not only encouraged, but have blatantly instigated), but since a group of roleplayers ROLEPLAYING seemed like a good place to start, that was one of the fundamentals of this current game...


That, and don't argue with the GM (don't get me started...)!


Anyway, we all play Jedi of various ilk, and I've allowed my players to research areas not typically within the scope of a typical Jedi. We play using the Wizards of the Coast Revised System, and have been nothing but happy with it.


To be honest, the day we had our first character hit level 20, was one of the proudest moments I've had in 20+ years of GMing! If anyone is interested in hearing me babble on about it, I'm sure I can come up with some forum appropriate stories which will help to explore the campaign and it's characters further!


Anyway, I've relied on you guys at SWAG almost as long as there's been a SWAG, specifically since I have ABSOLUTELY no visual artistic ability!


Thanks everyone who's helped me out!


Hot damn! Seven years? I didn't even realize Legacy had been around for seven years!



Please please tell some stories, I guarantee you have at least one set of ears keen to listen (or eyes keen to read, as the case could be more accurately described).


Where to start, where to start...


Alright so, all of the players began their training on Ossus (the first and only time we've had touched the main storyline of the Legacy comics (though invariably we screwed up canon pretty damn quickly while making our grand escape). At the time we had seven (I believe...) main characters, and I was only GMing and playing NPCs... When the invasion of Ossus started, we were on our first real mission as padawan... survival training. Before the Sith had even invaded, we had one character proceed to cut all of the fingers off of one of his hands (our healer nonetheless), another character tried to "dig" through solid rock breaking her hand, but the moment of final truth came when we had almost made it back to the temple, which would have been the point at which we had completed the mission. We had one final hurdle to cross, and that was to cross a raging river, and when I say raging, I mean RAGING! When they looked at the fast-moving deep-brown water, our Farghul padawan rolled a Nat 20 on his Intelligence check, and correctly surmised that the water was colloidal with sand to nearly the point of saturation, oh... and it happened to be moving 1,100 to 1,200 kilometers per hour. We'd all made it safely across using one means or another, save for our final player, the aforementioned Farghul, who decided his best bet was to climb to the top of the tallest tree he could find, and make a jump for it. The inevitability of the following six rolls, has been the mark of directionality for the remaining seven years of our campaign!


Soooo, a natural 1 is rolled (on his jump) after he successfully climbs to the top of the tree, using a house rule for results, I determine he starts to fall, and has a chance to catch himself using a Reflex save, and another natural one is rolled. He rolls body die, and hits his groin as he his falling from the tree... but, being a benevolent GM I determine this slows him enough to allow him to make a second desperate grasp at the tree branches as he is falling... Another natural 1, and he once again rolls groin on the body die... Assuming it can only get better from here, I rule that he has slowed his decent even more at this point, so he may make another grasp for any purchase in the tree... Another natural 1 (on his final Reflex before he has no more tree to catch), and another groin on the body die... After taking the accumulated damage, he plunges into the water, UNCONSCIOUS, and is immediately awakened by his skin being sandblasted off of the surrounding tissue. He rolls, you guessed it, a natural 1 to swim to the surface...


Okay, at this point I have to say, I swear to all which is holy, all of this happened!


Another player's quick thinking allowed him to be saved, through a combined See Force/Move Object check... The player then rolled body die three times, to see if all of his bits and pieces were still attached, and rolled chest three times... for the record, in my campaign that USUALLY (as in this case) means skin, musculature, bone, meaning his lungs and heart were exposed, but undamaged. He was quickly worked on, and he received cybernetic surgery to patch him up, complete with a fur covered metal chest plate (not matching fur, mind you), but this was not the only time this particular character was to have his chest cavity blown open (a story for another post) due to poor decision-making and bad luck!


Alright, so one more quicker story for this post, and then if you guys are interested in hearing more about the campaign I am sure I can keep them coming for a while, before I'll run out, and only have "not-forum-friendly" material:


So, jump forward in game time approximately six months, and we half-formed Jedi have done our best to find the ass end of the galaxy in which to hide a new training temple for us, and later for other padawan. We are going through basic lightsaber dueling training, using training sabers. The entire group has been paired off, and are dueling each other, each duel ending with a predictable victory for the more advanced, or more combat-centric, in the duel. The final duel begins: On one side of the circle is our friend the Farghul from the previous story (for future reference his character name is Kish), on the other side is our Filordus saber specialist (at least that was going to be what he was planning on focusing on), whose name is Saandi. The duel begins predictably enough, with a few strikes from either character well parried by the other, until Kish begins to take the upper hand, handily outclassing Saandi, and actually dealing damage to him. Now, let me explain the dueling area: we are all on board a wooden city floating on a freshwater ocean approximately 75 to 100 meters deep, the area in which the duels were taking place was a small (9 meter diameter) ring of just over a meter tall flowering/fruiting thorn bushes (think if you had a thick rose bush which produced avocados) with only one gap to enter or exit. After two consecutive critical strikes with the training saber against Saandi, he got frustrated, and decided to use deceit to win the duel.


He used a move object (and a ridiculously high one if memory serves) to tie Kish's tail to one of the thorn bushes. Kish, none-the-wiser, leapt forward, flaying his tail to the bone, then nearly ripping it off. (It was determined during the surgery that it had to be removed, but he had it replaced with a cybernetic tail.) Even though he had damaged himself excruciatingly bad, it had been done during the course of an attack... an attack which landed, and did a single wound point to Saandi. Saandi, at that moment, and not a hint before let loose his anger, and began using force lightning on Kish, who had dropped his saber after nearly ripping his tail off. He continued to do this well after Kish was rendered unconscious, and didn't want to stop until Kish (a member of his party remember) was dead. Luckily, our Jedi master stepped in and quickly stopped Saandi. This was the first, but certainly not the last step which Saandi took down the path of the Dark Side... In fact, were it not for the fact that he directs his hatred FIRMLY toward the Sith, we would have NEVER let him continue unabated becoming a truly FALLEN JEDI during the course of the campaign. In general though, the other characters do all keep at arms length of Saandi, and find him quite creepy, despite the fact he's saved their bacon numerous times relying solely on the power of the Dark Side. Our Jedi healer in particular won't even talk to Saandi, and even went through the trouble of learning Sever Force in case his rage was ever directed back at us.


Alright, so, there are LOTS of stories, over the course of seven years we've had eleven players, and each character has some amusing or terrible story to tell, and that's before you get into seven years of NPCs... I have spreadsheets to keep everything straight concerning when this NPC or character did such and such... I'll tell you, in a campaign as long as this one, if I didn't I wouldn't remember all of the NPCs or why we hate them, or who they have a grudge against, or who their aligned with...


If you want to hear more let me know...


Just have to say I'm laughing so hard at that horrible run of natural 1's. Absolutely amazing. I don't think we've ever had quite a run like that, but I can definitely empathise with being absolutely helpless while the dice just take control- I know we've had major events, character attitudes and motivations occur purely courtesy of an unlucky (or lucky!!) roll.

I also totally get the need for a spreadsheet, haha! Our GM has a pretty impressive memory, but I also kind of fill the roll of unofficial-not-particularly-good-scribe, and try to keep track of the major points of each session for future reference (admittedly for my part it's mostly for art reference - how many limbs did [character] have at that stage? Was [character] wearing [object] before or after we left [planet]?? but it's proved useful countless times for other reasons, and we haven't been going quite so long as you have!!).

Please keep sharing your stories. :D I may not comment super frequently but I'll certainly always read! I just love it.


That is the most fantastic string of 1s story I think I have ever heard in my life, A+ FOREVER

I would also love to hear more stories if you have the time to tell them :>


Alright, I promise, as soon as this miserable summer cold I caught at Phoenix ComiCon breaks, or at least the fever, I'll start tossing some new stories up...  I can't promise they'll all be in chronological order, but I HOPE I can amuse & get some of the story out!  Also, I am going to encourage some of my members and ex-members to toss up their (forum appropriate) stories as well...  Though, I don't know if they'll get time for a while...  Anyway, that was the single longest stretch of CONSECUTIVE natural 1's, but by no means is that the most campaign changing or heartbreaking!


Thanks for the feedback; I'll get back to sleeping & prepping for my session tonight now...