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I'm also running Edge of the Empire when time permits with the regular RPG group entitled Modesty Blazing. I also play Eclipse Phase, Night's Black Agents, Doctor Who and most recently Warbirds RPGs with this experienced group.

You can see some of the characters I drew for it on SWAG in this tag.

I've also tagged all the Modesty Blazing actual play report on my blog, and also on Obsidian Portal.

As per my son's campaign in the other thread, we began with the Beginner Game box set adventure Escape from Mos Shuuta which the Gamers of Kuala Lumpur gang bought me for my birthday.

  • GOKL Escapes Mos Shuuta - where Darter Kel, 41-VEX, Nora Romanova, Lowhrrick and Qillian Ryn succeed in evading the forces of Teemo the Hutt and steal the YT-1300 freighter Lava Jaeger to permanently free themselves from Tatooine.
  • GOKL Escapes The Insurmountable Ned - where the Lava Jaeger thieves find themselves on Rodia in need of money to alter their BoSS transponder code and get a job with the YV-664 freighter/tourist transport Puddle Pangolin as deck hands. Unfortunately the captain of the Pangolin is an insane cultist who wish to feed everyone aboard their ship to the black hole she calls "The Insurmountable Ned".
  • Skyfall - where the newly renamed Modesty Blaze arrive on Smallberries Skystation, a floating city above Hypori, to send some shipment from Ord Throsol only to find themselves in the way of an former Imperial officer who wants to use part of the skystation to take revenge on a former colleague.
  • Droid-like Typing Detected - where the crew of the Modesty Blaze is offered money to take a man to the ice world Khov, only to discover that it is an off-limits secret Imperial biomedical research outpost. Also, just before they arrived they found the outpost unpowered and everyone stationed there dead... or worse.
  • The Prince In Carbonite - where the crew of the Modesty Blaze finds a young man in carbonite in the tunnels under Khov outpost who claims to be a prince of the Ghyel system. The crew is excited at the prospect of being rewarded for returning a lost prince back to his people... but of course things don't go quite to plan.

Will post more actual play reports as we play them.