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For years we have been doing pictures for all of the great Star Wars roleplayers out there. However we never really gave you a place to tell us about your adventures. We know that the artists love the short stories they are given about characters that you want to see brought to life. But everyone loves a good story. First off let me say.... "All rules of the forum for social gathering still takes effect here. Please leave out any adult content so that it is safe for all general audience." Due to the many different PnP RPG systems out there. Please tell us what system you are using and why you like that system. This is more just for those who are thinking about what system they should use. We want to hear your stories, if you would like to tell us about your adventures. Edit: .. Please start your own thread so that you can continue the story in your own thread. This is a forum area that allows you to have your own topic in it. Thanks :)


My Story is about Arkov Bane, a human commander, who has been given command of a new type of cruiser by his government. He is undercover as a mercenary and an officer in the Rebel Alliance. He is trying to hunt down the Imperials responsible for the destruction of his homeworld.


Uh oh, brand new story forum?? I'm gonna have to exercise a bit of restraint or I forsee an endless stream of myself and 'Rina waffling about our beloved home game. ;) Eeheehee.

At any rate, we play using the Saga Edition system, and in all honesty I 'like' it because it just so happens to be what we use! While others in our group can argue endlessly about the virtues of one system or another, actual game mechanics aren't what excite me, and when people ask me what I'd 'prefer' to use the only answer I can give with any conviction is 'whatever system so long as the game actually happens'.

Combats can be kind of cumbersome, sure, I've been told there are super 'elegant' systems that handle it better or more cinematically or whatever, but I still totally enjoy what we do, and we're all close enough that it's not like we sit around bored and awkward while waiting for our turn! Our GM is the greatest (hush no I'm not biased no way how could that be) and offers a lot of scope for tweaking rules that seem silly or just don't work in our context, re-skinning or fleshing out details, encouraging creative solutions and whipping up quick on-the-fly mechanics for things that aren't covered in the books.

I do really enjoy the use of miniatures, too, I must say. We don't let the laws-of-minis-on-a-grid limit our storytelling and creative whims, but I think they really do help with focus and can even add to the drama sometimes.


By all means, you and Rina can start a thread and tell us all about your home game... We'd love to see it :)




(As far as systems go, Star Wars/Saga Edition? was literally the first one I ever played, and other than that I've got almost no expirience XD I really like our system though, because we can direct it as a story so well. Also, just kinda agreeing wholeheartedly with Tusserk here, our GM is pretty amazingly creative and puts a lot of effort into the game and....frankly, also putting up with the crazy we come up with ourselves XD)





Also, to everyone else out there with the inclination to share some narrative from their own games... well, I can't speak for a single other artist on this site, but I sure as heck get a lot of arty inspiration reading other folks' tales. I'd LOVE to get the chance to pratice my skills illustrating scenes from other folks' games, and there's every chance a fun bit of story could catch my attention just as much (or even moreso!) than a character request.

Just sayin'. :D


Ooooooohhhh...... Oh where to begin???

Back in the day I played in many games, a whole handful of cool and colorful characters, some of which I had even put in requests here at SWAG, which was many years before I even knew I would be getting into 3d rendering...

That being said however, I do remember quite fondly the most the various games and adventures I kept bringing my very first and namesake character "Terras Jadeonar" and his small crew of Nileeta Svel (Twi'lek street urchin & theif), and Raven - the A.I for his YT-2400 "NightRaven" transport... Its quite interesting, I did manage to re-invent them ever so slightly to fit the various games, mostly changing / editing details to make them fit in the different eras right from Rebellion through to and past NJO..

Our very own Hisham here even drew up the characters for me, and they're still so awesome and my favs I still hadn't the heart to try making my own renditions in 3d :)

Cast and Crew of the NightRaven: (Click for the pics)
- Terras Jadeonar
- Nileeta Svel
- Raven

Given that all the games were pretty much forum based, I could probably toss a few links for those interested in reading, though some I could probably just copy and paste. Some of them are novel length posts and are quite self contained adventures in themselves (if you love reading and typing at length)... One of the forum games was like that...

Question tho - would I make just a single thread for all the adventures and games Terras & Co. were in or seperate threads?


Hey Ive never actually played a star wars rpg but I DM a D&D 4th gen game and was looking at starting an Edge of the empire campaign, does anyone have some tips for me while I work on gathering all the things I need?


Just to be sure before I make a post, I can write up our characters' adventures as a story format, yes? We play tabletop so I don't have any links to the gameplay, but I will be drawing/posting out crew of characters shortly for those who are interested in seeing them.

We play using the Edge of the Empire system, and currently have a semi-large group of mercenary/smugglers who mostly work under the employ of the Hutt Cartel.


This story takes places in the High Republic setting using the D6 rules from West End Games. Hope you all enjoy!

 The lost and the found again…

By Joshua R. Edwards 

Vyi stood in the middle of his quarters deep in a meditative Force trance; he saw a barren planet devoid of life. There in the middle of clearing he saw an ancient temple and sensed a dark presence, but there was something else there calling out to him. He knew had to go there and confront his vision.

“Ramed I want you to set a course for these coordinates” 

The Duros shrugged and said “you know this way out in the outer rims? There are barley astrogation charts that can take us out that way."

" I know but it’s something I must do.” 

Ramed gave Vyi a serious look. “Another Force vision? You know when the Republic assigned us together years ago I never guessed I would be jounting around the galaxy at the whim of a crazy Jedi’s constant Force visions."

"Do you think I’m crazy Ramed?"

"Well yeah, but hey that’s why I like you. You are my kind of crazy. Besides you always seem to do what’s best for the galaxy and damn the bureaucratic red tape! Personally I think the galaxy needs more of the good kind of crazy like you."

"Thanks Ramed. I like you too and I wouldn’t be able to do half of what I do without your crack piloting skills at the helm of this ship.” 

Another small voice from behind them said “Don’t forget about me boss!"

"Yes, Igigs I need your technical skill too to keep this ship up and running.” Turning down and looking at the Jawa. 

Ramed set their course and after a few days of Hyperspace travel the crew of the Vigilance found themselves in orbit above the planet from Vyi vision. 

“Well the planet appears to have a breathable atmosphere, but just barely. High amount of carbon and I’m not detecting any signs of life. Are you sure about this?"

" Yes, Ramed this is the place I saw. I sensed a great evil here but there was something else. As if something else I was sent here to discover as well. Take us down to this location.”

Ramed then landed the ship within view of an ancient temple that could easily be of Sith design. 

”Ramed you and Igigs wait here and keep the shields up after I leave. I don’t know what’s waiting for me but I don’t want to put you two in danger. "

"Here boss, take this.” Igigs handed Vyi what looked like a training remote. "

”What’s this? "

"It's a modified training remote boss. It has a camera and can make light. This way we can help and watch."

" Okay. Thanks Igigs, that is very helpful.” Vyi then let go of the remote and it floated to life right beside him. 

Making his way off the ship he felt the ripples in the force as soon as his boots touched the ground. He felt the dark presence from his visions but there was something else. A powerful presence as if something was almost pushing through the Darkside. The feeling only grew stronger as he approached the temple. He stood in front of a massive door of stone and some sort of alchemical steel. There appeared to be no locks or hinges on the door. Vyi reached out with his hand and light touched the door. Through the Force he could feel as if there were parts inside like tumblers. Using the Force he moved them and the door split apart, welcoming him into the temple. 

Darkness stood before him, darkness so black it seemed to eat up any light that came from the outside, even as the training remote light seemed to be diminished.  As he stepped forward in the blackness he felt the cold lingering powerful presence of the Darkside.  The place was cold and smelled of must. From the dim light he could see statues lining the hallway of figures he had recognized from ancient times: some Sith, some Jedi. They all held carvings of Lightsabers out-stretched and activated down the entire length of the hallway. As he slowly and cautiously walked he came to a large antechamber with more statues surrounding the sides. 

Then he heard voices speak out in a dark and gruff sound. 

“Beware Jedi you will not come and take our prize. He will stay with us forever. For you there is only death!”

 Vyi spoke up “There is no death, there is only the Force.” 

With that, multiple shadow-like figures sprung up around him and began to reach with long black claw-like hands. Vyi drew and activated his lightsaber in one fluid-like action even dispatching one of the shadows as it came in contact with his blade. Some of them relied back while others pressed their attack.  Vyi lashed out with a flurry of strikes cutting down more and more of them. The other shadows then merged together to form a giant being of pure blackness. Then the creature reached out and launched a viscous blast of Force lightning at him. Vyi managed to bring his saber up just in time to deflect the blast. Frustrated, the creature reached out with the Force; the statues on the sides began to shake and move and were then flung at Vyi. He quickly began to dodge and parry the stone structures darting his way as moved forward. . One managed to clip him in the shoulder but thankfully his armored robe absorbed the brunt of the blow. Vyi knew he had to take the offense if was going to win this fight. He called upon the force and launched himself at the creature with accelerated speed striking the creature deep across the chest, he then used momentum to roll in between the creature's legs and strike both legs mid-roll. The creature toppled forward and he then performed an overhead slash from the backside of the creature, cleaving it into two. 

As the creature began to fade from existence light began to fill the room. These creatures had somehow been keeping the room cloaked into darkness and with their presence gone their power no longer lingered. Vyi felt the Darkside pass from this place. 

As he looked around the now lit up room he saw a cube floating and glowing in the center; a Holocron. That’s what the creatures had been guarding. As he approached the Holocron a large muscled human with black/gray hair appeared before him in the form of a Force spirit. Vyi recognized him it with the legendary Jedi Battlemaster Lord Hoth. 

“Lord Hoth, I don’t understand. I thought you were lost to us at the Seventh Battle of Russan?"

"As you have already said young knight there is no death, there is only the Force.” 

The spirit of Lord Hoth smiled at him. “While my body was destroyed by the Thought bomb my spirit was whisked away and transported to this Holocron. For knew I knew that someday I must pass on my teaching before I may finally pass on and become one with the Force. I see you are indeed formidable with lightsaber. You fight in the form of Djem So the fifth form of lightsaber combat do you not? "

"Yes, master. I have studied all 6 styles of lightsaber combat but I have mastered form 5  and it is my favored form. "

"What of the seventh form?"

" You mean Juyo Lord Hoth? I know of it, but the council has deemed it dangerous and discourages its practice."

"Well young knight, tell me your name."

I am Vyi Jallen, Lord Hoth and it is an honor to meet you."

"Please, the time of such formalities has long since passed. Well since you know of me Vyi and you know that I was master of lightsaber combat amongst other things. What if told you I have found a way to master the seventh form and harness its energy where one does not walk into Darkside or the Lightside, instead you become a perfect balance, an eye in the center of the storm. It is more than a fighting style; it was a state of mind that led through the penumbra of the dark side, requiring you to enjoy the fight, and relish the satisfaction of winning. Practicing of this of form would accept the fury of their opponent, transforming them into one half of a superconducting loop, with the other half being the power of darkness inherent in the opponent. You must be cautious if you choose to learn what I am offering to teach you. You have balance which I speak of.  It requires a constant and sizable stream of Force use from the user, with a barely contained explosion of Force power essential to all variations of the seven forms as another prerequisite for its use.  I think you will be a worthy student to pass my legacy on too. What say you Vyi?"

"I would be honored to Lord Hoth. If you teach me I shall carry on and bring light into the darkest parts of the galaxy."

"Excellent, then take the Holocron and let your training begin, you have much to learn Vyi. "