Omegas in the Desert

1) I hope I am not dominating the new images rack or anything this feels weird

2) I am genuinely unsure if it is okay to upload this? As far as, uh, quality control? :|

(Featuring the Omega Squad on Tatooine, though bits and pieces of it are wrong. Aka Jak is in the wrong clothes, Fix't still has both legs, Evi is conscious and I am pretty sure Tendaji should have lost like 30% of his robes by now)


I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT FIX'T'S LEG. Hahahaha, what on earth was he even DOING at the end of that session hobbling around looting. WHAT ARE YOU DOING, BUG. We were all basically dead.

Everything about this is ridiculously cute and you know how much I love it.



Did he end up getting that leg back or does he have a robot leg now, I don't remember? Wait RIGHT we were all on like 2 hit points weren't we XDDD 'scept Tendaji and apparently that was funny



Nice work, Rina!! I particularly like the design of the two characters on the far left [particularly the 'bug'], and also the one on the far right, which also has captured a great gesture in it's pose.


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