The New Sith

...I wasn't going to upload this cause I wasn't completely confident about it but it''s a drawing of a Sith- if anywhere it can totally go up on a site about star wars art, right?

So this is now the only Sith on the Jaunty Owl, Amadi, and boy howdy is Evi ever sick and tired of him already XD (sometimes I kind of wish Evi could just get like.....amnesia, or something, and then maybe she would just be nicer to everyone cause ohmygod I feel so bad about the fact that she's so awful to so many characters sometimes) the GM told me about this new getup of his awhile ago. Once I had a ten minute laughing fit with my face smushed into the couch cushions, I had a think about the design. Yeah, yeah, I'm a massive sucker when it comes to designing things, especially clothes. Pretty sure I was at the pub when I drew this, and the initial motivation for it was 'hey, you know what, I want to draw some man candy.'


Maybe one day I'll master how to draw freakin' abs XD



Well he's being a bit of a mopey so-and-so at the moment but still. OH WAIT hang on we're also super unimpressed with the fact that he has not been entirely truthful with us about certain things hrmmm. Man I can't wait to find out more of what his deal is.

Anyway I love this. The jacket is perfect and omg, the little slippers.


THIS GUY AND HIS FREAKIN SECRETS JFDSG also being a cryptic mysterious jerk who can't deal with the Force being off, tch


(pretty sure i saw those as flats in kmart like 6 months ago LOL I FEEL KINDA BAD ABOUT IT NOW YOU'D THINK HE COULD FIND BETTER THAN KMART SHOES XD)



that is some nice clothes right there. I mean it. My pirate Char, Jakuun wear something so simular I think the shop at the same store.


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