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Healing the Greedy a Long Way from Home

A selkath medic tending to a wounded Duros on Cato Neimoidia. Requested by princesstabetha.

Feb 17, 2012 by: Asok in: Work In Progress

The spacefaring pirate, K'Ehleyr Wynver

I've been working on my hands, trying to strengthen them so that I can start drawing again. I've done some personal projects for myself and some have turned out pretty good and others I'll have to wait until my hands or closer to normal to finish. Here is one them, that I hope to be able to finish soon.

Feb 16, 2012 by: Lord Cygnus

the replacements..imput required

So I was playing around the other day and started wondering who would I replace certain characters or actors from a new hope with......

Luke is now played by....Daniel Radcliff
Liea is now Christina Ricci
Han is now replaced with Snake Plissken
Obi wan is now played by Anthony Hopkins
C3po is now Sonny from irobot
r2d2 is now Johnny5
Chewbacca is now ....messin; with Sasquatch
the emperor is now Christopher Walken
Boba Fett is now Zaeed from mass effect as played by Mickey Rourke

Jan 26, 2012 by: Casca1967
Hi all, In-progress of a bad-ass, hard-drinkin' kushiban for Anarchangel. I'm still thinking I might add some more stormtroopers, but we'll see. That would be a lot of drawing ;) Steve
Ka'rta together
New request from LC for... "a picture of Ka'rta in a split panel picture. The top panel would have Ka'rta in her Mandalorian Armor with lots of dings, dirt, and sweaty. The bottom panel would have her dressed really really good. A dress split way up the thigh with a intricate design on it. I don't know a lot about womens clothing so I will that up to you as to how it would look. Elegant but sexy like she is attending some event or function on Coruscant or after an upscale bounty. Something that would blow Nath's boots off but keep it in the PG/PG-13 range. lol.
zeltron npc for a game not sure what else to say other than the clothes were a trip to do.
This showed up in Rouge gallery again so putting it here for here too just in case. This is my favorite Character to RP in our starwars games...wait no scratch any of our rp games.
I've been drawing a whole mess of comics lately (as some people around here can attest, as they have been assaulted with it most heinously). I've made a special site - Context Free Comics - updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So stop by as often as you like!
Swrpggm proposed!! They've set a date of November 26th, so I hope I can get this done in time... He tells me: "We both wanna be Jedi. I would like cyan lightsaber, and my fiance would like a purple one. she also said she wants her hair in braids." I have links to the photos, but not sure if swrpggm wants 'em published... Anyhoo! Here's my first sketch! Other than the necks being maybe a tad too long, I'm quite pleased with it. Thoughts?
Tooth and Claw
Void Vultures is an RPG developed by Josh Roby and Ryan Macklin. I was assigned some interior artwork for it. Check them out below. Click here for a description and a video for Void Vultures. It was quite a fun project for me to do.