SWAGgers in training

So, my kids want to be SWAG artists.

I've decided to create this blog to showcase their SW pictures.


THEY decided.  I had to go along with it.

Dec 3, 2017 by: Judas in: Sketchbook

A portrait of a young Mirialan and her monkey lizard

Portrait of a younge Mirialan and her monkey lizard

So I am for some reason unable to post anything to my gallery, so I will post things here. 

Another watercolor sketch in my moleskin sketchbook, this time of a young Mirialan girl, possibly a preeten who is starting to bloom into a smuggler or scoundrel after a stint of dealing spice on the streets, among other less savory things. 

This was a fun little piece that probably took me about an hour or so. 

Apr 10, 2014 by: Jynxie in: Sketchbook

A little watercolor sketch

Jynx in holographic inmage

Hey gang, 

Here's a quick 45 minute watercolor sketch I did in my sketchbook of Jynx. It's been a long time since I've done anything with her in a long time and I miss her. 

I tried to portray her as an incoming holo image, feeling the full weight of some great frustration. I can hear her voice over the comm saying something like "I really screwed up this time...."

I hope you like it. 


Apr 7, 2014 by: Jynxie in: Sketchbook are some little doodles of things that happened during our many sessions I don't ever intend to turn into proper drawings (and/or are just ridiculous).
and these only exist because another artist prompted me to make them
Whoa nelly! Now that I know howthis works Imma just go at it from here. Also getting rid of that wall of text. If anyone is actually interested in the story behind any of these I am more than happy to share, but otherwise I am going to be typing a small novel explaining everything XD   EDIT as of 29MAY13- throwing in a few more odds and ends, enjoy?
This showed up in Rouge gallery again so putting it here for here too just in case. This is my favorite Character to RP in our starwars games...wait no scratch any of our rp games.
I decided to make a blog to post all my stuff into... and this is it. I've had a lot of free time lately, so between going to class and grading tests, I've been doing paid concept work with Hisham. And when I'm not doing that, I screw around. YEAH So this is a WIP of a drawing where Drig and Asok are in a cantina. OF COURSE. I think they're having their first clandestine meeting with Hayden, the failed Bothan spy... Working on large composition and scene work. Bonus points for recognizing easter eggs! New: Monster concept for Wicked North's Azamar RPG.
I loaded this to the wrong thing...well the none completed one to the finished part so I figures I would load this one here.....I have been playing inbetween characters on my party pic. I am redoing many of them seperatly and then adding them to the big pic. so it's taking ALOT longer than I had thought. Ok..I said final...what I MEANT was finnally posting something...I running with this...cant..stop...aurgh
So most of my latest SWAG character submissions are for an "Invasion" era fan comic I'm working on. I thought I'd post a page from the comic, and try and get some feedback. As I've never illustrated a comic before (though I've been reading them for most of my life), I'm finding it challenging to figure out exactly HOW to tell a story visually! Every panel can be told a different way...and it's kicking my butt to figure out which way is BEST!
Figured I'd get one of these sketchbook things happening! Mainly because I just scribbled up a reaction to our latest spam post in the forums-- though the post isn't there anymore, it (and Asok's reaction to it!!) sure got a laugh out of me. May as well have somewhere to post my odds and ends and scrawls that I don't really intend to finish, too! 12/09 - Huh. Well, I finished Michael's Paladin guy, buuuut for some reason the image won't survive the blog-submitting process. Guess only Michael gets to see him for now!