Colored version of my previous sketch (And she has a name, now :-) )

by: B30

Okay I thought I'd try something a little off the wall, just to see what happens :) 

Species of the month is Geonosians & The Gree

The Gree were a six-tentacled race of cephalopod creatures[2] that had an unusual anatomy[3] with gray skin, large sad-looking eyes along with tall foreheads. These features supported an immense brain sac which flopped oddly behind their heads.


The new Abandoned forum is for the requesters as much as the artists.  This forum is for any requests that are over a year old.  If you have one in this forum, and would still like it done, bump it up stating that you are still here and waiting for it to be taken.  This will let the artists know that you are still around and wanting to see your picture done.  This forum is to keep the other forums clear of any requests that the requestor no longer wants, or is no longer visiting the site without deleting the request.

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Kashyyyk Landing
Feeling weird about abandoning my usual, goofy style, I have set off to tell a story that (somehow) was inspired by an entire weekend of a "The Best of Three Dog Night" album.  Seriously, I don't see the connection either. Anyway, I'm gonna dump some teasers atcha, right here.
Here's the line art for an EotE character I'll be playing in the foreseeable future.  Hopefully I can get the descriptions for the other characters so I can render them visually too.
The Golden Hind by Kat Birmelin! I have gotten so busy lately and it sucks because I still have my piece from last month's challenge to get around to finishing up. Plus a friend of mine just sent me a bunch of model shots from a workshop he runs and I have even more pieces I want to do based off of those with my two star wars characters Jynx and Fable. 
Debating the Explosion. Like the dynamics of it, but....should he just be in a cloud of smoke? Idunno.
Trying a thing. Needed a pic.