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Togorian Shock-Boxer, In Progress

So, yeah, it's been a bit longer than I would have liked, but here's another "in-progress" for the shockboxer. Color flats with a little bit of shading work. I ended up making his head a little bigger since he was looking just a bit ridiculous, but like where it's at now, even if it is a little exaggerated (or a lot).

Howdy y'all,

First update on the boxer. I'm doubting that the original requester is still around to get feedback from, but hey, you never know.

Oct 26, 2011 by: Monkeyman in: Work In Progress

Cookbot WIP

photoshop first pass

So, during our last game session our current GM scribbled a quick and humorous droid chef on the whiteboard that we had way too much fun with, and eventually brought with us (stole).

I snapped a cellphone pic of the whiteboard with his doodle on it, and plan on surprising him with a pic of the little guy.

This is my first pass on it. I'll be adding more details/shading/etc before wrapping it up.

Oct 19, 2011 by: fizzyglug in: Work In Progress

Male Zabrak WIP

Male Zabrak character. He's a recon/scout/sniper, so I figured positioning him in sniper-mode would be coolest. Any comments or suggestions?
2nd stage: finished his skin tones. I'll be working on his facial markings as well as his bicep tattoo. I'm still trying to figure out a background....

I appreciate the comments. I chose to go with a different take for the facial markings. I went for something a little more familiar. I had a ton of fun with this character and I look forward to more from all the awesome character creators!
Acrylics and ink on board

Oct 14, 2011 by: Batty in: Work In Progress
Felt like blogging this one! Unnatural Gas's request for the group he GMs for; the group of heroes making their way through what used to be a subway system.
request from Anazider:
Setie n Bryen
New request by Setie:
Yikes! Accidentally deleted my entire blog - I was just trying to delete one image! Crap!! Ah well, I'll add just a couple of pics back plus my latest update. Major change is the poster on the back wall, and I've coloured in the middle rear wall. Thanks to everyone for all previous [now deleted] comments & feedback! Oct 5th - finally, the final!
Inspired by the 26000 yr old Sith spirit in the requests, I started messing around and am now working on this pic. I would claim the request but cant get this out of my head so if this will work I will claim the request, If not...well then I will go nuts toying with what ever this is. The first one is the reason I went with the second one...might shrink the ears up a bit. Added a tinge of red to the black eyes..added so creepiness and let you know he has spotted you.
I decided to make a blog to post all my stuff into... and this is it. I've had a lot of free time lately, so between going to class and grading tests, I've been doing paid concept work with Hisham. And when I'm not doing that, I screw around. YEAH So this is a WIP of a drawing where Drig and Asok are in a cantina. OF COURSE. I think they're having their first clandestine meeting with Hayden, the failed Bothan spy... Working on large composition and scene work. Bonus points for recognizing easter eggs! New: Monster concept for Wicked North's Azamar RPG.
I finally have time to part the clouds and impart a "first draft" for perusal and approval. I've deviated from the description here and there, opting for a more symbolic representation of the Mulls' relationship; I'd like to know if the changes are acceptable. First, rather than place any troops in the background I decided to bring them (well, one of them) forward, to be painted half and half. I've put Obar in a disturbingly small loincloth rather than a toga-like robe, but can redraw that should this not work.