Camero Request

Camero Request

Okay, before anyone starts thinking I'm a deadbeat request fulfiller (myself included) I've finally had some time to sit down and work on the request from Camero I took, like, a month ago. This is the basic design I have in mind for the character. I want to draw him in a more dynamic pose that is more fitting to his personality, but this is what I'm thinking for his look. Thoughts?

Rich and informative pencils as per usual, Travis. I'm digging the look as well -- particularly the way you've tackled the protective yet fashionable jacket thing. My only confusion lies with the rift board, which at first I thought was a blaster of some sort. If you're going with this for the final, perhaps tilt the board at an angle to the viewer?

- Gith

Something with him actually riding would be WAY cool. I agree totally with GitH though, the board should be tilted a bit more so it's obvious what it's depth looks like (if you're going with this one for a final).

Good work, wish my pencils looked half that good. :-)


Both this and the final are amazing. It is a dream come true to see him in broght to life like this. Great stuff.


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