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Mechanical Pencil & Photoshop

Hello there dear reader!

First of all im sorry to say but i will NOT be able to take on further personal requests, if i do pictures in the future it will be the ones ive allready taken on, and of course requests that i find exiting here on SWAG!

Who am I then?

I am a Swedish male, making my living not as an artist but, making Windowframes accually *s*

When I was a little kid i started to play PRG games mainly D&D, and Mutant.

I had/have been drawing my entire life, ever since i could hold a pencil and make a line, so for me it was natural that when ever i got another charracter in the RPG games, i would make my own drawing on how he/she/it looked like, and so it whent on...

Today I'm still not emplyed as an artist and the only drawing i've been selling is a bookcover here and there, Tattoo patterns and a musicvideo cover, nothing big nothing famous...

I always loved and still Love drawing for me its sort of like meditation, my mind floats away for a while and my fingers holding the pencil on the paper just makes the lines my brain creates...

So in the beginning i wasnt drawing Sci-Fi at all but Fantasy pictures, Dwarfs, Drow, Elfs of any kinds and so on, but as i got older and found the total experiance of the Star Wars world, i got into making Drawing for my charracters i've been having on various RPG-chats, and during that time i got this site pointed out to me and i thought WOOW... i love this, the true tallents in here are so Inspiering, and now Im a member of the guild!

I will do as so many others and hopefully YOU aswell...