Bazco 'Fatzab' - Zabrak CrimeLord

Bazco is a formerRPG Character of my own.

He is a very heavy Zabrak (So he got the logical nickname 'FatZab') and works as a CrimeLord and took over after the suspicious death of the Hutt CrimeLord that ruled the underworld on that planet, now Bazco rules it with iron will and full power, he is just as brutal as he is smart, and many have underestimated him and few of them lived to tell the story...

Medium: Mechanical Pencil, Photoshop


Yes - nice! I love the design and you've done a great job of portraying him. He's like som mafioso from a 1930's flick. What's the story behind the sith tattoos? He probably wouldn't look as cool without them, that's for sure.