Got an engine? Then i can drive it!

(Or Veknoid Rebel Special Forces driver)

This is one of my very favourite charracters, sadly i havent gotten to play it much at all...

He is cocky, and he has a right to be, he has more then a few tricks up his sleave and he can drive anything that moves and arent afraid to drive in ANY condition.

If you wanna get to the place and back in one piece then this lill' fella' is your man!


I don't really like his arm posed across the chest. It doesn't look naturalistic. Everything else is stellar.


I think your right about the arm Dred, i guess i wanned to show off that skin-freedom-bird-tattoo to much that i forgot to really check on how the arm whent... good point. thnx for input...


It's cool to see a species seldom seen in the EU, and I really like the concept of a SpecForce driver, hehe. His design is very cool, and while I love his tattoo, I gotta agree that the arm is looking a bit off. Maybe try making the shoulder "bigger".


nah whats done is done but for the next art i do i will bare all thoughts in mind...
On this one i should have made the opening on the clothing larger though more then the arm bigger per see.

Thnx for input, i appriciate it!