Sofisticated Hunter

(Or Tweedo, Rodian BountyHunter)

I wanned to show that all BH's dont wear Mandalorian armour or even having any kind of full bodysuit armour, just a hightech harnesk and a few but sweet nifty weapons and a great mind is all you need for a successful hunt.

And belive me Tweedo is a hunter you dont want on your tail!


nvm, I'm assuming the medium is the same as the "Without water" piece. :) I just looked through it in the wrong order. I love the black/white.


Cool concept, I like the Mando-influence on the design. Cool job.


I'm glad you liked it, i really do, but i acctually tried to NOT have influences from the Mando style armour, rather then one of my own to show that there is so much more then the mando..

But hey, its a free world and every interpitation is free to be made :)


Well, the only real Mando influence is on the waist part of his armor, where there's a T-shaped plate that reminds of a Mando helmet. That's all, but it really is original enough, mate. ;)