Male Cathar Jedi

This is as the name explains, a male Cathar that has taken the path of the Jedi as a life course...

His name is Stragos, and he's a Jedi Guardian, soon approaching the level of formal Jedi Knight title.
He is a very proud representative of his race, tall and strong...

This is a request made by Emanuele (Emass)

and for me this was both a challange and a bit of a struggle but my intention was to capture the tension around a Jedi in action sort of speak, mixed with a bit of mystic feeling and perhaps a sort of aura of might.

The result your looking at *s*


Original Request Thread

Medium: Mechanical Pencil, Photoshop (Effects, Color and Retuch)


While this piece may be a coule of years old, and is definately a nice piece I do notice one problem with it. Male Cathar have tusks which extend out from their lower jaws. Other than that, it's a great piece.


thank you Tramp..

Although various sources tell different things about thoose tusks i choose to do the "normal" Cathar without the tusks as mostly portraited in pictures on the subject, as requested by "Emass".

But i do get the point and had it in mind while doing it =)


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