Kaelyn - Arkanian Offshoot Jedi

There's a wonderful, detailed description of this character in the request by requester Kaelyn HERE - actually, she reminds me a lot of Jarael, another part-Arkanian woman in the Knights of the Old Republic era, I believe. There's some fantastic pictures of her online...

The Blog for this picture is HERE, in case you're interested...

~ Mercy


Great work again!
Superb pallet of colors...The details of the accessories and the folds of the dress make the character at the same time realistic and dynamic. She is perfectly integrated into the landscape. I like it!


-dittoes Derf- Mercy, I swear you get better all the time! I would seriously consider getting a deviantart or selling your art......it's unbelievably awesome!!!


Thanks guys!!
I really should do something about getting a DeviantArt account - I just never quite got around to it...


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