Kalo Starsword

An old request by Razor, who didn't come back to comment in the blog so I guess it was too old in the end. Oh well, here's the request anyway;

"I would greatly appreciate it if someone would art-up a young soldier, Kalo Starsword, for me.

He's a blonde-haired (longish: about down to his shoulders) grey-eyed corellian human of about 19 years of age, tall and just starting to broaden out of gangly. He's going to be broad and muscular but he hasn't quite devoloped into it yet. his fashion sense leaves something to be desired, mostly just spacer/drifter clothes: tattered pants, tattered shirt, threadbare jacket or longcoat with armor plates visible through it. He carries a hefty blaster carbine as if he knows how to use it, and there's a knife hidden in one of his big combat boots."



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