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A little watercolor sketch

Jynx in holographic inmage

Hey gang, 

Here's a quick 45 minute watercolor sketch I did in my sketchbook of Jynx. It's been a long time since I've done anything with her in a long time and I miss her. 

I tried to portray her as an incoming holo image, feeling the full weight of some great frustration. I can hear her voice over the comm saying something like "I really screwed up this time...."

I hope you like it. 


Apr 7, 2014 by: Jynxie in: Sketchbook

Old Tree and...???

I drew a tree this morning. I was practicing backgrounds. Now all I need is a subject. I was thinking of a Goblin off to the right of the tree. I wanted him to offset the sereen of the forest. But not sure. Any ideas?

Apr 6, 2014 by: Casca1967 in: WIP

Masters of Teras Kasi

For the monthly theme - Mirialan and Miraluka martial artists. I want to do a background, but I'm stuck for ideas. I drew a weird desertscape, but I don't think I like it. Any ideas?

Mar 20, 2014 by: Asok in: WIP
Its a start...this or the light saber is a handle on a swoop bike....still working it out.
If you look back at my gallery (and I have mixed feelings about you doing so) you'll see that it took me a long time to develope a style that I'm comfortable with.  Well I'm glad I found it, because it's the only way I could pull off these crowd scenes.  Man, am I really lovin' doing crowd scenes.  Not entirely certain whether I'll be able to colour this one, but I'll have to try. I feel that this one NEEDS colour.   Pic #2: Tightened up he lines.  Made a couple of minor changes.  All while being pounced upon continuously by tiny monsters.
Felt like drawing today. Did the Drall and here is some work on a Smuggler. Progress coming along. Hadn't used this style in a long time.  
Cross between a Y-wing and Snow Speeder. 
Sketch for a request I took out for Scrumtrulescent, unfortunately a very long time ago.
A while back I did this Progression of an Artist piece on Asok.  Now I wanted to do one on Mercy.  
Hey guys,  Today my friends and I are proud to announce the launch of our second kickstarter for our webcomic, Surreality. (NSFW)