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Getting real.

I never can get across the real threshold. But, I am determined to get this. This is a tad better. Still the balance must remain though less I go all t rex.

Nov 14, 2013 by: Casca1967 in: WIP

Jynx's Gun Well

Crappy phone grab

Wowxahs! There she is, rocking it out in her gunwell aboard The Floating Dustbunny. I've been wanting to do a pic of her in her turret for a while and am now getting around to it. It's been hard to find some solid reference pictures of what a gunwell in Star Wars looks like, but I was finally able to gather enough pieces to puzzle something together. I am thinking I'll pull out one of our game chairs and make a mock up of what could be a gunner's console to use when I shoot a reference picture.

Nov 5, 2013 by: Jynxie in: WIP

Terros Bade

With Boba Fett missing and assumed dead, the scum of the galaxy put forth their bid for the most feared hunter. Terros Bade, a human hunter from the outer rim is a fore runner with a custom blaster and a go for broke attitude. A former sargent in the rebelion, he uses his skills to hunt those who need hunted in the galaxy for whom ever pays the best in the power vacuum behind the scattering Empire.


Though not finished....he is close. Hard with all the hours I have put in at work. Started as practicing eyes...who knew

Oct 3, 2013 by: Casca1967 in: Character
So I looked at the stuff I had in my gallery and one stood out looking particularly bad, especially as what passed as "digital painting". Ali Cors, Arcona Smuggler, as requested by Crowbar53 in the old SWAG forums. I picked it up and submitted it in 2004. Now in 2013, I've redone the whole thing all over again and replaced it in my gallery.
Hey all, Just swinging by to announce that I have just opened up shop on Etsy. I have a small number of prints at the moment that will grow in time, and am also open to taking paid commissions for sketch cards, and just about anything else. I also need to add in somewhere that while they aren't listed, I do have a number of my original pieces up for sale. I appreciate any business you send my way, be it purchasing prints or other art, or merely spreading the word.   My shop link
Kaiju 7
Here's a sneak preview of monster artwork I've been illustrating for Heroic Journey Publishing's Mecha RPG. After the Mecha Combiners and Mecha Mercenaries supplement, here come the Mecha Kaiju supplement for the game! With monsters! This sneak preview is so sneaky that the kaiju haven't been named yet at this time!
Sorry I haven't been on a lot or been able to contribute more. Some people stole my phone and was able to hack my deviantart account, changing the password and email, deactivating it. I'm trying to get it back. :( Also I've been pulling 10 hour days at work and have been to exhausted to work on new projects recently. Once things settle out I'l be able to be a bit more active.
Hey all, I will be in artists' alley at the Cincinnati Comic Con in a few weeks. Some buddies and I will be doing a raffle and giving away some artwork that way. I will have art prints for sale, and be taking commissions, so if anyone is in the area it would be lovely to meet face to face. There will also be a drink and draw on Friday night after the con at the museum to raise some money for charity. 
...Since the other one is getting hard to work with from the bulk of images, or maybe just that the computer I use is really bad, also cause I don't like...forcing (lolpuns) people to look at anything I draw, rather give them the option of stumbling upon them. A lot of these range from "rediculously old" to "i drew this like a day ago" buuutttttt I would end up writing a small novel explaining all of them, so rather I will refrain and only explain those that anyone might be curious about.
Hey Everyone, I am still working on  the neuropathy (numbness and damage to nerves) in my hands.A friend of mine that I've known since before kindergarten (yeah we go back a long ways!) use to do artwork together. I did the pencil work while he supplied these wonderful inks and amazing colors. He and I got to talk the other day and thought in might be fun to do a few pieces together.