As most of you know, I've been hacking away at an "Invasion"-era fan comic. I've been having a difficult time drawing Luxum just right - her angles and perspective keep throwing me. So I decided to make a maquette model of her I can use as reference...because, you know, I'm thorough like that. That, and I really wanted to have a 12" model of her in my room. Ha!

Anyway, I'm including the original design I came up with, in addition to the model. I'll post more photos as the piece progresses. Hope y'all enjoy!

June 11, 2011 by: Mazzic in: Work In Progress

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I'm studying Illustration at Art Center College of Design. I used to want to do Concept Art...but Tinseltown has shown me the wonderful world of Production Design, so that's what I'm gearing up to do.

My favorite Star Wars characters are Mara Jade, Mazzic, and Corran Horn. I'm really big on Expanded Universe stuff, and the NJO. Recently, I've been honing my skills in Star Wars technology, though you'd never guess it by the sparse additions to my gallery! <shh! I'm working on that!>

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Pen and Ink, Colored Markers
I decided to create on some digital Expanded Universe cities, for my portfolio. Here are some of the illustrations I've done so far! Ataria City, Spira Due to it's large temperate zone, lack of dangerous fauna, and close proximity to the other Core Worlds, Spira was a popular tourist destination and resort world.
Jumping ahead to page 18! I took some liberties with the script on this page, combining elements from the text to create both pages 18 and 19.
I'm sure REAL comicbook artists don't tackle a comic the way I do...but I like to jump around and work on different pages, depending on my mood. And since this is a fan project, I can afford to take my bloody time! That being said, this full-page spread of a half-dozen droid Jedi is kicking my butt. Technology has never been my strong suit, and finding interesting, different poses to stick the Jedi in has been a challenge! Especially this full-page.
So most of my latest SWAG character submissions are for an "Invasion" era fan comic I'm working on. I thought I'd post a page from the comic, and try and get some feedback. As I've never illustrated a comic before (though I've been reading them for most of my life), I'm finding it challenging to figure out exactly HOW to tell a story visually! Every panel can be told a different way...and it's kicking my butt to figure out which way is BEST!