Tribal Fosh

So in the home game that Tusserk and I play in, my character has finally met the remainder of the Fosh (I say this like it didn't happen ages ago, but I take forever to upload things). I've sketched out a few of them for shiggles and this lady was one design I was digging (she has lovingly been dubbed 'flamingo Fosh' because I see no reason that an all-pink Fosh can't be 110% awesome).


Most of the Fosh designs I had were dominantly leather with fur here and there, but the idea of snakeskin was something I had to roll with, as it gives a nice splash of colour without taking away from the aesthetic too much. At least in my opinion. Most of the blades or bladed weapons that Fosh have seem to be made of obsidian, as well. Thus the black arrowhead and near-black bow.


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