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...Cause, you know, there really isn't much art of Felucians that isn't outside of The Force Unleashed concept art? Yeah, found that out while trying to scour the internet for some refrence material. And then of course I figured 'Hey, I'll draw a felucian!" AND THEN I went and tried lineless again. I really, really, REALLY should know better than to try and tackle something I'm so unfamiliar with when I try to use lineless colouring.

Hopefully the oversaturation doesn't ruin it too much?

This Felucian is based mostly on the in-game warriors from the Force Unleashed game, but I also went with some of the elements in the Jungle Felucian concept art (which I think would have been reeeaaallllyyyyy cool, if only it weren't for the fact that I hated fighting Felucian Shamans so much. My favourites on there are the Barbarian and the Hunter). I'm not exactly 100% sure what the canon style for the feet were, but I realised early on that I'm godawful at the sucker-hands that they have so I went with more of a 'tree trunk' kind of deal down there. If nothing else we can just pretend it's 'plate-mail'. I'd like to try tackling jungle Felucians again sometime, but not in this image :|

(As a little side note, I stuck Evi in there because I like to think that if she ever were lucky enough to meet a Felucian, they would get along well because lolplants. Even though they would not speak the same language, they could communicate through the Force on a very basic level, probably? The understanding I have of it myself leads me to believe this can happen? But yeah, this is a much younger Evi, probably around 20-ish, before she encountered her Doctor and the Chiss, but early enough to have met Ora/Altus.)


I agree.. This is beautiful work.  It almost has it's own life, I'm expecting it to move any time now.


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