That Was Unexpected

So I was asked if I would ever end up colouring this as a sketch and since I've been home all day for the apocalypse with nothing to do I decided to give it a go. Featuring our partys' Sith done up in a human disguise, working his smooth moves on the emotionally-shipwrecked Fosh, and succeeding pretty well. This sparked a huge trek of indecision for Evi, and I am waiting patiently for the in-character reasons to sort all of them out.


Hahahaha I love so much that an outsider opinion of this image is 'cute' -- while my brain just goes SINISTER MASTER OF MANIPULATION OMG.

PS You already know I really like this but I'm just saying so again. I also hope we go back to a snow planet again soon, they make for such pretty drawings.


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