Mandalorian Bodyguard

Request from bellatendris - a Mando Bodyguard to go with the Twi'lek Crime Lord picture earlier;

"Standard Mando armor, black plates. Silver and royal blue paint on the edges of the plates. Human, about six two, six three, built on the muscular side. No noticeable insignia except the Mythosaur skull on the right shoulder and a royal blue crescent moon on the left chest panel. Helmet on, of course. Silver cloak, about knee length. No jet-pack or missle launcher.

In a guest suite in the Imperial Palace, facing each other, three-quarter profile or so. For comic relief, there could be a door behind her with two holes punched through it at about chest height. A table nearby with jade roses in a vase, a bottle of wine, and two glasses. They are about to go to an Imperial ball being hosted by Thrawn. She is looking up at him and smiling wickedly- she didn't expect he would show up but he did. The song I was listening to as I wrote this bit was "Bad Things", the theme to True Blood, but from Bella's perspective- she wants to do naughty things to her bodyguard ;) So have fun with that if you want to add the aura of innuendo."

Lord Crumb

Absolutely Excellent work on the Mandi. The colors blend together well and the overall design is thumbs-up.

-LCT :-)

*I had to edit - I noticed a error*


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