Sith Runnaway

A request from Setie;
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"She was born on Korriban and raised a sith in the old republic era but couldn't cut it and eventually took off before she got killed, much to the anger of many.

I gave her red (more copper colored) hair and green eyes. Preferred fighting style was two sabers but she could never take killing someone and usually went on the defense. The big pain for artists will be her scar. She has a scar that runs from temple to cheek bone down the left side of her face, between her eye and ear. It's from her old master for one of her failures so I always picture it like a burn mark. With her having been using the dark side a lot it started manifesting black veins underneath. I have her normally hiding it with her hair."

"...human and roughly early 20's in age. She's also a horrendous klutz, though it usually plays into helping her some way. Like tripping over her own feet and avoiding the shot of a bounty hunter behind her. *facepalm*"


Oohohoho! Great on Mercy, I seriously think this is your best yet.. the pose, her face and saber, and especially the coloring are all really sweet!!!


Wow Mercy, just wow. I too think this is your best one yet. I keep coming back to see what you will be working on next.


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