Kushiban Jedi Master

A request by defense374;
"I'd appreciate a picture to use for my RPG group of a Kushiban Jedi Master named Falkrit. Now, I know what most people picture: A fruity little rabbit dude that I named Mr. Fuzzles and have him do random things like carry an umbrella and eat Yodels. But nay, I created him as a very serious and philosophical warrior. He uses NO lightsaber, choosing instead to use his considerable Force energies in combat. Here's a link to what I kind of imagined: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Image:ATI.jpg

Just saying I'd like it kind of "realistic" looking. Really, You can be as imaginitive as you like, but I just don't want him coming out silly looking. EDIT: If possible, a pose where he is executing some sort of Force power would be sweet. Something like a mind trick or a push..."


Lord Crumb

"Ah...it is a qute litte WABBIT. Wait a minute, is it lifted that heavy looking piece of equipment." Good job, Mercy.

-LC :-)


Cool. Jedi Masters should be different and cool. GM's really should take the time to design Jedi teachers that the PC's aren't expecting; Luke went to Dagobah expecting Obi-wan, so any Force-using PC seeking a teacher will probably be expecting something like Yoda. This is a very cool twist on the idea.

Never really went into Ikrit, as I never read the Young Jedi Knight-series. But he seemed cool in the New Jedi Order-series. But now I'm just rambling.

So, Kushiban are different than Hoojibs? They seem quite similar.

"Cut to the cheese already!"


Hadn't heard of them before - Hoojibs, cool! It's a great, big Universe out there...


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