Holly Guri

Inspiration often comes at the most inconvienent times but here it is. I was looking at my recent gallery stats and I decided it would be fun to take my two most popular images and make them availible to hand out at the Deviantart Summit. I went to modify my Guri Holly image and soon realized that I lost the original PSD ><

However I extracted the background and started my quest to create a varient of Guri Holly exclusively for the DA Summit. Deviantart apparently doesn't have their logos by themselves so I had to recreate the DA logo in Illustrator and lift the other logos from the Summit site.

I in no way make a profit off any of this. Finally I came upon the idea of making Guri Holly really special by taking two pics of the DA Summit itself (one is the round ceiling with the chandelier, the other is a spacey room with round tables) and modified them so that I could really drive home the exclusive nature of this deviation.


Hey guys, remember, keep things as PG as possible. We'd like to have our younger participants find this place to be... well friendly to their age category. I let this one by because I didn't feel it was too bad, but just a reminder, to artists and commentators alike... we aren't DA so :-)




I'm at a loss for words on this one. She's beautiful, alluring and confidently dangerous. That pose - she's definitely out to catch someone's attention, or maybe she just got even with someone (mopped the house, wiped the floor - literally) and this is her exiting glamor shot striding towards the bar's door? That could be it, since there's visibly nobody left sitting or standing at the bar tables behind her.

See guys? Like Eclipse said - its all about the choice of wording. ;)

Awesome work Val! I'm sure glad I came across your site years ago and invited you on over ;)


With all due respect,

How is this sleazy? She's fully clothed? She's not spreading her legs, bending over, licking her lips, or touching her chest?

If you can watch shows on TV (and cartoons for that matter) with hot chicks in skin tight thongs and bikini tops, how is this that bad?

Hello? Oola ring a bell? Leia's slave bikini? They make racier action figures these days geared towards selling to kids so please...don't use the censorship card, its insulting.

I respect the views of SWAG but I also remind them to really consider a broader sense of understanding of what was "PG" twenty years ago and what the world considers "PG" now.




Not to get into a war of words, but I don't have a problem with the image so much as the comments. Rule of thumb is kind of "If it shows more than leia's bikini we're not letting it through", and this certainly doesn't show more than that, so it's good. I just had an issue with the reaction to it.



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