VV - Through the Ages 3

This is #3 in the series and I have to say that white never looked so good on Val before. I had to really think this one out because there wasn’t much of a description of Val’s uniform outside of his normal fighting attire back in the days of roleplay. Please note that the Princess Leia and the uniform mentioned is from roleplay events and not part of SW canon.

Val spent his days struggling for direction as a Bounty Hunter. Fate again shifted the course of Val's destiny when Princess Leia was hunted by menacing assassins. After watching the helpless leader struggle against adversity, something inside Val urged him to react inside the Mos Eisley Cantina that day.

With a snap hiss of his slain Master's lightsaber, Gen Zeridian's weapon cut down the assassins with ease, while Obi Wan's ANH saber made short work of the reinforcements. From that moment, Val in a fit of vibrant passionate fury found his calling.

Val joined the Rebel Alliance and worked his way to the top of the ranks to become Co-Leader of the RA alongside Leia. Choosing to remain free of the confirmity of the Empire, Val had a special uniform created to reflect much like Anakin, his unique abilities and traits. For years Val defended the RA against all opposition both in the personal fighting arena and in epic fleet battles. During this period of his life, he found comfort in knowing he could make a difference while preserving the honor of alliances and treaties that saved lives.

This marked the first appearence of Val embracing his family bloodline openly as the ancient Versai Crest designed by Russell Versai graced his boots for the very first time. Val also wore alternative battle attire when going into personal conflict which featured his long, sleeveless trench coat but for the purposes of diplomatic duties seen here, his attire instead was a customary white long sleeved suit.

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