Crymson 3D Saber 1

Due to extreme computer difficulities I will not have Maya for awhile thanks to a nasty virus and having to re-install windows.

However before such tragedy had come I was able to get two final renders of Crymson's 3D lightsaber finished and ready to reveal.

I chose to combine 2D with 3D in terms of the background because nothing in 3D seemed striking enough to really bring out the eye popping detail and vibrancy you've come to expect from my work.

Done in Maya with multiple techniques including painstaking image mapping of the emitter shrouds and hands down with the micro-beveling in place another jewel in the 3D collection.

Deep within some unknown but existant Sith Temple, rebuilt to modern standards... Crymson's weapon stands proud and menacing, willing to do its master's bidding.

In this setup, I added smoke for atmosphere and to really bring out the richness of the magenta blades while setting Crymson herself in the middle of the composition to reflect the weapon and its master.

Medium: Maya, Photoshop


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