Valaryc Versai - Dual World's Attire

This costume #00 in the series shows me dressed up as Val as he appears in my fanfilm Dual Worlds. You'll notice considerable differences between this coat design and the coat he wears in the Dark Jedi Attire piece in the series. I decided that instead of going completely cartoonish with this costume coloring, I wanted to add more of a connection to my popular DW Teaser poster with a leathery texture to the coat itself.

This is also the first time I've tried to make shiny leather pants so that was quite a challenge to figure out. I looked at my actual costume pieces I wore in my film for reference. You'll notice he has the same orange bladed lightsaber I used in the film as well. He is also holding Obi Wan's lightsaber from ANH which was intended to be Val's primary saber but because it couldn't hold a dowel rod, I had to improvise and cut it from the fights.

Lastly I wanted to really push the detail in the wrap around fingerless leather gloves.

I really like how this turned out overall. I feel that the texture picked up in the coat matches nicely with my teaser poster, despite that I am not focusing on extreme light sources from the sabers themselves.


I did the costume lineart by hand and did all the coloring in photoshop.


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