Family of Koralh [Request]

Refined sketch of rg000's invented species, the Koralh, as described in their request here. I've had a go at depicting a bull, cow and calf of the species (or should it be buck, doe and fawn?). I still intend to do a colour piece of the specific animal that actually features in their game, but I thought this ended up nice enough to upload for the time being!


this is very good. I like the looks in the eyes. And the fawn looks shacky on those feet. Great work


Nice!! You know, as soon as I saw the thumbnail I knew this would be yours, Tussy!


Wow, seriously Tuss! This is so far above and beyond! I am aghast, honestly! So beautiful, and everything is in the perfect proportions I asked for them to be in; Thanks so MUCH! Looking forward to seeing the mount version, but my players and I are NOTHING BUT HAPPY with this gorgeous depiction of the species...


Seriously, every single time I see this, I'm blown away by just how beautiful and life like you made them seem... Hope all is well, and honestly, I am TRULY AMAZED!


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