Jedi Pupils

Colaboration - Judas line art / Mercy colour
Request by Xanamiar

Lord Crumb

"Oh, I weep for the future of our beloved order as these young Padawan Learners begin the next stage of their training," said the wise old Jedi Master, "Put me down for fifty creds on the youngling on the left, he won't last the year."

It turned really well. I like a good old fashion colaboration.

Kia kaha


Soooo...I hadn't noticed when I drew it, but does the human girl look like she's about 2 1/2 months preggers to anybody else?


I just figured her coat was stuck under her belt, since that side is shorter than the other side. She just doesn't bother pulling it down everytime she get's up like Captain Picard does.


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