Dieter Duran - Loyal Bodyguard

A request from Purcell;

"Dieter Duran, Human soldier turned bodyguard for his old CO Alec Rio who saved his life during a petty war on a backwater planet. After his charge died of old age he committed his services to his daughter, Lorelai Rio. Still a young man in his very late twenties - early thirties looking somewhat burdened with something (He loves Lorelai). Slightly tanned with an average build, brown hair and eyes. His hair is very short with a short beard/long stumble. The only distinguishing mark is a terrible scar on the right side on his face, something like Sgt Barnes from the movie Platoon. He wears simple armour that allows him good protection and mobility maybe cut down Mandalorian armour? With no helmet. Being a soldier he is well adept and using weapons as well as modifying them, his main weapon is a simple but customized blaster carbine which has a strap around the stock and front so it can be carried easily on the chest with a blaster pistol sidearm and a few stun grenades. He secretly loves Lorelai but tries not to show it."



Great job on the details of the armor. It looks great. The background fits very well too.


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