Chiss Female

My group attempted another campaign a year or so ago, and this was one of the concepts I came up with while trying to decide what and who I wanted to play. It's a bit more conceptual, hence the difference in style from some of my other pieces.


She us stunning! The style really works for this picture too. She looks a little wild and reckless for a Chiss, but since I am doing the same thing with a Chiss character I created, I can appreciate it. They can't all be the same, right?


Definately well done. It's interesting though that she's a chiss, yet her clothes are more like something a Zeltron would wear.


I'd really like to see some more in this style. I think this looks great man! Dig that painterly feel.

You need to stop rocking my world. I think I'm just going to overload.