Twi'lek Male

With this piece I thought I'd even the score a little. I noticed recently that there is a plenitude of images of scantily-clad female twi'leks (not that you would find anything like that in my gallery...), while there is somewhat less representation for the male half of the species. This was my attempt to create a male twi'lek worthy of his charisma bonus.


Nice work!

I wanted to say something more... something positive... but Im all out of words! Stunned by a picture... ha... imagine that! :o


I like it! Its hard to find a pic of a male Twi'lek that isn't burdened by the layers of clothing that he wears, just as it is difficult to find a female Twi'lek dressed as fully covered as most males of the species. Its nice to see a change. Not only that, but he's good looking, too!

Great job!


A male Twi'lek that isn't ugly, well, now that's a change! :D

The idea is really great, you got a major point there with males paling in comparison to the femals of that species.

I gotta say, really nice job altogether, the colors and shading are top-notch, as ever, and I like the design of his pants.


Very nicely done. I'd say more, but I think everyone took care of all the comments... Good job :)


Had I seen this before yesterday, he would have been walking down the streets of the West Hollywood Halloween Parade. Bummer.



Brings up all kinds of questions about perceptions doesn't it? I remember reading in one Star Wars book (forget which one...Tales from Jabba's Palace perhaps?) that Oola the green Twi'lek that Jabba throws to the Rancor found Bib Fortuna to be an attractive male of the species...

Travis Moore

Dred, that's a really interesting point. I guess for me it comes down to what I can believably roleplay. When I first started playing the game I wasn't all that familiar with the Star Wars universe and the only male twi'lek I had ever seen was Bib Fortuna. There was just no way I could pretend to be attracted to that, which is probably why Narruna wound up dating a human despite it being a cross-species relationship (a fact that we chose to conveniently overlook in our group). There are definitely character types I won't even attempt to play because I would either not be able to pull it off or I would not enjoy being in someone's head who is like that. For example, I don't think I could ever play an evil character. Evil characters certainly have their purpose and some people enjoy playing that, but for me it is just too far away from how I think. Also, I can't play non-humanoid characters. Romance is an important motivation of any character for me and I can't imagine being attracted to another wookiee, for example, or an ewok or a hutt, etc. Or a Bib Fortuna...haha. I guess my point is that I have to make certain modifications in my own mind's eye to truly enjoy the role, even if it goes a little against canon. Which just proves your point that it's a lot about perceptions.


"Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds" by WotC has an illustration by Matt Hatton of a similarly attractive (physically fit) male Twi'lek. I've been unable to find it online though....


You know, in my group, we often play around with perceptions. Like for example, we figure out how attractive a character would be on their own race's scale, and then 'visually translate.'

For example, if there was a 'hot looking wookiee babe' we'd have a picture of a typical wookiee. But to another wookiee character (ie a player character) We'd find a picture of a super model or something from a magazine. 'THIS' is what YOU see when you look at her.

In that respect, this twi'lek male pic you've done would make a great visual translation for a twi'lek in my group's own game (where bib fortuna is indeed a heart throb of a specimen.) :)